News on the new Shelby / 5.2 Flat Plane Ford V8

The sheer amount of ECU maps you have to get into for the variable valve timing is daunting. I believe the blurb from Ford drivetrain team for the regular Mustang GT was that the new variable geometry intake added something like 9 new maps alone.

Variable valve timing instantly puts tuning into the league of large, professional tuner shops, and even then, they don't always get things right. See the fiasco where the Coyote knock sensor wasn't picking up the #8 cylinder properly, and one of the early tunes from a reputable vendor was popping motors because of it.
You gotta remember that variable cam timing & induction runner lengths/volumes are used to get a broad RPM performance increase, when you start using 6/7/8 speed gearboxs with a usable RPM requirement of ~only 1500 RPM there is not as much need for the complex stuff.