NOS Stewart Warner D-240-A fuel pump

Hello everyone I have a NOS never used in the box Stewart Warner D-240-A 6 volt fuel pump. I acquired 3 of these a while back and I am selling one of them. It is in really phenomenal shape. the date stamped on the box is June 8th 1966. I am currently running one in a my 31 roadster using and 12v to 6v reducer and it ran great right out the box and has not given me any problems in the last 2 years that i have been running it. I'm asking $600. Located in Whittier California. shipping is available at your cost. You can call or text me if you have anymore questions (562)355-7108. Thank you for looking and stay safe


Charlie Farley

The problem is you can't see the condition of the internal seals. These babies are the ' Sleeping Beauty ' that doesn't appreciate being woken up after 50 years. Trust me, i've been rebuilding them for nigh on 20 years.