OEM GT40 steering wheel wanted

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I have a Roaring Forties replica being delivered soon and would like to buy a complete original type GT40 15 inch steering wheel kit. Center cap, 6-bolt boss, everything. I would be willing to trade a 9-bolt 15 inch Moto Lita steering wheel complete (already included with the turn key built GT), or purchase outright. I would also like to buy an original looking chrome rectangular shifter base plate.

Thank you for your help!

Bill the "originality freak"


John B

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I think motlita sells the exact replica that you desire...Punch in motolita and check if they still offer this wheel.

I bought a 6-bolt OEM GT40 steering wheel for £137.48 from Moto-Lita in May 2004. You can choose between blue and black leather. The wheel is listed as 14", but it comes out the right size, probably because the metal armature is 14" and the foam and leather brings it up to 15". They can take up to 8 weeks to make it because the armature has to be sent away for anodising.
Frank Catt of Wealden Engineering does a 6-bolt boss with the correct recess for the Ford GT wheel centres that you see discussed here on the forum. Probably Paul Thompson's are the best.