Superformance GT40 MkI - RHD **SOLD**

Superformance GT40 MkI - GT40P2306
$169,900 USD or best offer

Originally delivered new to the U.S. in May 2014, P2306 is built with Right Hand Drive (RHD). Like the historic cars, P2306 features a Right Hand Sill Shifter with solid rod direct connection to the transaxle. Any driver can easily transition to RHD with this sill shifter resting naturally under their right hand. The sensation is very much like sitting in a single seat race car.

This Superformance rolling chassis was delivered to Hillbank Motorsports in the U.S., then shipped to Olthoff Racing in Mt. Ulla, North Carolina for completion. The original owner intended to build the best track/street car possible and, in the U.S., Olthoff Racing is the indisputable place to do it. Features or upgrades unique to this car, not on every Superformance GT40, include: RBT/ZF transaxle as original, sill mounted solid rod shifter as original, brake cooling ducts all four corners, race suspension anti-sway bars, exotic JRi Racing shocks and springs, custom oversized front axle bearings, custom solid engine mounts with engine lowered 2” from stock, custom solid transaxle mounts, custom aluminum billet rear crossmember, Keith Craft lightweight 347 ci solid roller cam V8 making 570 hp on the dyno, dry sump oiling system with 3 gallon reservoir, insulated rear bulkhead panel, and dual 10 gal Fuel Safe fuel cells. Genuine Talbot Berlin 4” convex fender mounted mirrors with convex lenses greatly improve rear and side visibility.

An extensive build thread on P2306 exists on this forum at:

The body is painted Gulf Racing Blue with painted Wimbledon White racing stripes and black Alcantara interior. Vintage LeMans graphics are a vinyl kit and can be removed easily if the new owner prefers. The result is an awesome handling track machine with stunning acceleration that is also air-conditioned and comfortable to drive on the street. Stainless steel megaphone exhaust pipes are provided for maximum performance at the track (and epic sound) and stainless steel mufflers are for quieter performance where that is appropriate or necessary. It is a one vehicle car show wherever it goes or the queen of any classic car show.

Titled and registered in Texas as a 1965 SPRF (Superformance). The car has 1765 mi as of today. Recent state safety inspection completed in 4/2019.

Included in latest Shelby World Registry

• 302 ci Dart Sportsman 4-bolt Main Block, stroked to 347 ci
• Crower Lightweight 3.250" Crankshaft, polished and knife-edged
• Maxi Light Crower Rods
• Diamond Lightened Pistons
• Zero Balanced Rotating Assembly
• Comp Cams custom grind solid roller camshaft
• Comp Hi Tech 6.700" pushrods
• ATI Damper with lightweight hub upgrade
• AFR 195 cylinder heads, Stage III CNC machined, with PAC Beehive Springs and Titanium Retainers (11:1 compression)
• T&D Rockers
• Edelbrock Victor Jr Air-Gap Single Plane Intake Manifold, Port Matched
• Quick Fuel Black Diamond 4-bbl 750 cfm carb
• MSD Ford Billet Distributor
• Slant Edge Ford Racing Valve Covers
• Aviaid 3 rotor dry sump pump with cog drive and oil pan
• Fluidyne oil cooler
• McLeod clutch and lightweight flywheel
• Quick Time bellhousing
• RBT/ZF 5-speed Transaxle

Olthoff Racing upgrades included in build:
• Aluminum brake cooling ducts, all four wheels
• Aluminum canards
• Gas struts for rear clamshell
• RBT/ZF custom pilot bearing
• Insulated rear bulkhead panel (double firewall)
• Heavy duty 4 point roll bar welded to the steel tub, just behind the firewall
• Interior door latches
• Race anti-sway bars
• Serpentine pulley system
• 3 gallon dry sump oil reservoir
• Remote oil filter
• Megaphone exhaust for track
• Fuel Safe fuel cells, 10 gal per side, with aluminum cans and sending unit
• Ceramic exhaust system coating
• Transaxle support cage
• External battery switch
• Safecraft Halon fire extinguisher system, with cockpit pull

Engine Dyno numbers:
• 570 hp at 7000rpm, redline 8000
• Max torque is 465 lb ft at 4900.

RBT/ZF Transmission ratios:
1st ----- 2nd --- 3rd ----- 4th ---- 5th ---- Diff
2.58 --- 1.40 --- 1.09 --- .846 --- .704 --- 4.22
According to the previous owner, at 7000 rpm this equals roughly 118 mph in 3rd, 155 mph in 4th and close to 200 mph in 5th.

JRi double adjustable racing dampers
Springs: 650 lbs. front, 700 lbs. rear

Wilwood 4 pot disc brakes, 12” vented rotors
GPS Speedometer
CV jointed drive shafts
Air conditioning, heating, de-fog
Adjustable driver pedal stand
OEM exhaust mufflers for street
Aluminum race seat for track days
FIA 6 pt harness for driver, 4 point passenger
GT40 logo floor and sill mats
California Car Cover with embroidered VIN
Helicopter style pop out side window vents
180 deg side window hinges (tollbooth)
15” BRM Style 6-pin Center Lock Wheels, black powder coated
Avon CR6ZZ Tires, 295-50ZR/15, 225-50ZR/15
Locking gas caps
3 spare wheel rims, powder coated black
Spare wiper arm and blade
Extra OEM shocks and springs
2.5 lb H3 portable fire extinguisher in cockpit

Contact: Sam Watson usr “SSSammy” via GT40s Forum Message or:
samwatson at sbcglobal dot net


I know this car well and it is awesome. Sammy is so particular all the new owner will need to do is get in it, turn the key, push the start button and go for a spin or hit the track. Kick ass motor and all the cool updates. Good luck to Sammy and the new owner when it sells. Can't imagine it will be for sale too long at this price......
Love everything about it. Exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t find a RHD one last year, so I bought a LHD and did all the racing upgrades to mine. Appears to be an excellent value. If I could afford a second car, I’d buy it in a second. GLWS.

Eric B

"P2306 features a Right Hand Sill Shifter with solid rod direct connection to the transaxle. Any driver can easily transition to RHD with this sill shifter resting naturally under their right hand."
Off topic, but I remember renting a car in England and with it being a RHD, the shifter was mounted in the center for left hand shifting. That took a few minutes to figure out.

VERY nice looking car!