Oil Pressure Light Switch

The oil pressure light switch is faulty and needs replacing. It’s on my Ford 302 block. Car is used solely for road use. Not sure what the operating pressure is for this. As from the photo there are two markings on the face to the engine. 9 in the 12 o’clock position and 890 in the 6 o’clock position. Are these just casting numbers? Any recommendations for equivalent replacement based in UK. Many thanks.CBC55939-8ECA-4131-AC16-35FC2DC7E421.jpeg516582D3-EB25-4476-B5C5-4D2A94968904.jpeg
Very standard UK part, almost universal, BUT it would be wiser to fit a higher pressure light switch ( say 30 PSI ) and immeditely check the gauge for confirmation of loss of pressure. Could get very expensive otherwise.