FS EU Original Marchal Headlights TP21SP


As posted on an other thread, I am cleaning my garage and selling the extra stuff accumulated over the years, here specific Marchal headlights. There are the correct ones for the GT with the big marchal shield engraved in the glass. The lights are from the correct epoca and obviously are not reproductions. Also, they are new, never mounted.

I sorted out a few pairs and selling 3 of them. I have more but as, as you can see on the pics, one light looks a bit faded compared to the others so not selling it. I have probably other pairs to sell but need to check if they have no bumps or pits.

Lights are guaranteed with no pits inside, but there can be some oxydation (no rust) on the outside as they are 50 years old and stored since.

Same price as 10 years ago : 380 euros per pair.



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