FS EU *** ALL SOLD *** End of inventory - Original rear tail light marchal MK1 - Original Marchal MK1 Fog lights - Marchal lenses


As told, I finished to clean the warehouse and have some extras spares for sale. More spares than cars I will ever own...

So, I offer for sale the following parts :

4 pairs of used Marchal MK1 tail lights. Used but nice. They have been overhauled, inside has been glass blasted and zinc sprayed, chromes have no pits at all, lenses have absolutely no cracks nor even hairs. The more important is that they come with the GT40 correct rear seal as per appendix V (see pic). Those who generally sell these lights do not have this special seal to come with. So here the sets are totally complete.

For example here : https://www.ebay.de/itm/225340409984, pricey but no rear seal....

1 pair of NOS Marchal MK1tail light. New means new holder, new lenses. The pair comes also with the rear body seal. As you can see they are new, as they still have the inked stamp on the inside. I did nothing on them, preserved them as they came.

2 pairs of Marchal MK1 Tail lights lenses. Nothing to say specially, they are still in their boxes.

5 pairs of original marchal Fog lights (651/653). I have added, the special marchal bulb holder (9917), correct one for the GT (buld holders are not new as they cannot be find again). I've checked them and reglued the glass that were going away. The lights from Marchal are supposed to be in a chrome wich compress glass and metal body. So very few glue and with the time , the glass comes loose.

I ship worldwide. All parts from the previous sale have reached their destinaries in good shape with happy buyers. Unfortunately, I have been scammed by a member of this community in my previous sale, so unless I know you or we already did business, I will ask payment before to ship, sorry.

Used marchal rear lights are 380 EUR per pair complete of seals
New marchal rear light are 500 EUR for the pair, complete of seals, last one I have and there are none on the market.
Marchal lenses are 180 EUR per pair with the inside seals (seal that goes between lense and metal holder),
Pair of fog lights with correct bulbs holders are 230 EUR.




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Adrian Starling

Stephane, I would like the following please:
Pair of fog lights with correct bulbs holders are 230 EUR.
Please can you pm me for your details.
many thanks,
Hello, just to mention that I answered everybody but received absolutely no answers (except Darnel), let me know if something went wrong with my mails or if you have no more need of these lights. I know have a "waiting list" for them (more requests than sets left) and want to be sure, I do not deserve anybody.
I think something might have went wrong with the messages. If a set is available now or in the future, I can paypal you asap. Thank you

Hi Stephane,

i also tryed a PM to you but no answer back. Is there anything left. I would like a pair of fog lights if still posible.
Many thanks, Boris