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Bill Kearley

I hope this is in the right place Ron but I just got an email from SEMA about the USA government wanting to trash the hobby. What do you make of this load of BS?


There are some people who just want to ban everything. They are called....... (you fill in the blank)

Randy V

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Moved to Wings Wheels and Keels....

The government has made noises like this many times in the past. SEMA is our version of the NRA (2nd Amendment rights) and has done much to help stave off the huns....
We’ll keep watch and please let us know if there are actions to be taken....
Thanks for the heads up!

Larry L.

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This is just ANOTHER example illustrating how CLUELESS government can be...and, many times, IS.

There isn't one lawmaker in a thousand who knows a darned thing about the TARGET of the various laws he/she votes on that will govern, regulate or BAN said target.

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