Our plus 4 Stretch model is ready

What a brilliant idea! Obviously looks slightly different, but only to those “in the know” and not in a bad way anyway. This will open the market up I’m sure. Very nicely done.

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
I had DAX and they also made changes to fit in the larger driver.

the foot part of the front and rear clips were lengthened by an inch and a half ish and the doors, likewise had this amount added. That way the front and rear clips were at slightly more angle than a genuine 40 and the total height about 41.5 inches

At 6 foot 3 I fitted in easily and even had it on track with a helmet on… no Gurney bubble!

I actually like the look of yours and as Simon says only those in the know would spot the difference.

Chris, keep the updates about this set up, any chance the new owners can send you some pictures to see how the car looks once it is finished?
Hi Andreas
That one is going together in Texas, I'll check with the customer and see it he has any updated pictures, I know he was moving right along on it. So wait are you asking about the MK1 or the MK 2 in the picture? The MK2 is in Texas the Mark 1 is inthe bodyshop here. There are several stretched ones out there getting built. Hey any of you guys have pictures?