Doc Watson

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A great video and a great car. Hope you will still be lurking here for a few years to come. All the best mate...

Thank you Andrew for taking us on your journey with you....it's been fantastic. Can't wait for your next GT40 project! Shall we say early 2020 which gives you and Debbie a decent enough break ;)
Believe me, I'd much rather not sell it, but another project looms, one which may involve the restoration of a very old, dare I say it, original chassis. It does depend upon me getting sufficient funds for P/1042 and to this end, the car is to be features on the 96 Club stand this weekend, at the London Classic Car Show (14th -17th February). .

Randy V

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Sounds like the journey was more important than the destination. That’s the way it is for many of us...
If you’re up for gold membership you can put an ad up here, else we’ll have to curtail discussions about its sale.
Those are the rules I’m afraid...
Hi KevinK.

I have been in touch with the previous owner who commissioned the build. Unfortunately he does not know the paint codes for the white and green.
You could try contacting to company who built the car. They are Classic Car Developments in Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand. They may be able to assist you.