Parrots beaks & Quick lift Patterns

In a similar vein, I am looking for any information for how to fabricate the quick lift hand jack for the GT40 Mk I, including the JW Gulf '68-'69 Mk I's

The front of the car had a lift bar that ran across the front radiator, so the jack had to somehow have the "parrots beaks" on the jack to mate with the front lift bar.

On the back of the car were the parrots beaks, and the jack had bars that mated to the rear pick up points.

I have found the following images partially showing the lift jack:" />
Sorry to revive this old thread. The links are expired, does anyone have the templates for the quick lifts front and rear?
Let me know,
both of the links still work for me. I suspect the images may also be in "blue and Orange - the history of gulf in motorsport"
I think I will just use my own design, I imagine back in the day they were rough sketched cut with a saw and finished on a grinder. I doubt they put as much unnecessary thought as I have put in :). I drew some clam hinge with quick jack mounts up in cad and they look close to the pictures on the internet I have been able to find.
Are we talking about the plates that the rear Bodywork pivots from or the point where the jack attaches.

Has anyone got any photos of the parts that go on the inside of the body sections that attach to the rear structure?
I rebuilt my rear subframe like Tom had done to his, (I will be doing the front next) and I needed an integrated pivot and jack point. I just was not sure the profile of the parrot beaks. I ended up running up to the Shelby Museum and took pictures, then drew them up in Cad. I converted them to 3d prints and as soon as I get my 3d printer back in order I will prototype them. I can share all files and photos with you if that helps?
I have a pair of the original-style rear mounts you can look at if your CAD prototypes don't turn up the way you want them.

It's nice having the Shelby museum nearby to reference an MKI, II, or IV, isn't it? Did they let you go behind the ropes to take your shots? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't let me behind the barrier so you have to get a little creative with your camera and shots.