Parts list to connect RCR Mark I gas tank with gas cap

I found these three items which are easy to trim for a perfect fit.
1. Universal gas filler hose HR-9407 Bob Drake Reproductions
2. Amazon Hiwowsport Alloy Aluminum 76mm hose adapter 2 inch
3. Amazon Gates 24712 2inch 45 degree hose. This hose connects to the gas cap.

Rod Dittmar

Peter, thanks for the info and especially the part #s. I'm waiting for RCR to start back up and finish my Mk1 kit. So, in the meantime, I'm biding my time and pouring over the forum to see what other helpful build hints I can find. I'm also hoping to find a simple, easy fuel supply system from the 2 tanks to the carburetor. Regards, Rod