Superlite coupe starting under $10,000

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Due to popular demand we are now able to offer the Superlite Coupe in smaller "bite sized" packages...start your supercar project for under $10,000

Stage 1 - Chassis and Suspension Package
Aluminium Semi-Monocoque completely TIG welded for strength and appearance
Front Chassis Extension Panels (Sides and Floor)
Engine bay will accept most longitudinal engine trans packages

Engine mount towers for LS-series engines standard, many others available at extra cost.
Drilled and tapped as needed for installation of bulkhead, firewall and footwell inspection covers
Chassis can be provided in RHD or LHD at no extra cost.
CNC billet aluminum unequal length front upper arms
CNC billet aluminum unequal length front lower arms
CNC billet aluminum front uprights - 4 piece
CNC billet aluminum unequal length rear upper arms
CNC billet aluminum unequal length rear lower arms
CNC billet aluminum rear uprights - 3 piece
Pushrods for rear suspension
Rear Pushrod Mount Pins
CNC Billet Alumnium Bell Cranks(Rockers) with bearings & assembly hardware
CNC Billet rear suspension spring mounts
Toe links for adjustable rear suspension
6 x Front U Brackets
6 x Front Shear Plates
12 x Rear U Brackets
6 x Rear Shear Plates
Front Lower Shock Mounting Pins
Billet Front Lower Arm Pockets
Stage 2 - Chassis Extras
waterjetted and CNC formed
Rear aluminum firewall
Removable rear bulkhead cover
Removable front footwell inspection covers
Front chassis extension cross brace
Fuel tank lower cover
Stage 3 - 6 Point Cage
Constructed using CNC-bent DOM seamless steel tubing (and is completely hidden behind optional interior panels). Designed as a bolt in, so can be installed and easily removed with no welding. Delivered painted black, can be provided in any powdercoat color at additional cost at time of order.
Windshield-area hoop with required brackets to bolt to monocoque
Rear hoop over occupants with cross bar suitable for wrapping harnesses, and all required brackets to bolt to monocoque
Rear braces tied to rear suspension supports, including all brackets to bolt to the rest of the cage and chassis.
Engine bay cross brace, including rod ends and brackets as needed to bolt to chassis.
See options section for Race Cage.
Stage 4 - Body
Central spider section with door openings, molded openings for fuel filler, locks, stc
Rear section with molded openings for tail lights, side scoops, body locating pins, clamshell locks, etc. Your choice of the "street" version with an integrated spoiler, or the "race" version that complimented by the optional rear-mounted wing.
Front section with molded openings for headlights, turn indicators, radiator air inlet, brake duct inlets, radiator air outlet, etc.
Left and right side door assemblies, including molded openings for interior and exterior door handles, and inner and outer panels pre-bonded and trimmed
Stainless steel body alignment pins as required for front and rear sections, on both sides.
Fiberglass splitter, constructed of lightweight core with a fiberglass covering for strength and light weight, as well as low replacement cost.
Fiberglass side skirts, constructed entirely of lightweight fiberglass.
Stage 5 - Hinges, Latches and Handles
Vertical door opening hinges
Vertical door opening gas-assist struts and hardware for easy opening and closing of both doors
Pair Slim-line safety 2-stage door latches, can be updated with electric door openers (see options list)
Pair Door Strikers
Production quality exterior door handles
Production quality interior door handles
Front and rear lightweight, concealed latches to secure the front and rear body sections
Rear section mount and hinge
Custom fiberglass covers for tail lights
Custom hydraulic assist nose hinges
Stage 6 - Suspension Fitment Kit
Shocks and Springs
QA1 aluminum-tube double-adjustable shocks with 24 compression and 24 rebound settings, linear spaced valving for ease of setup. 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks
QA1 Pair Front Springs
QA1 Pair Rear Springs
Mounting Hardware, including necessary adjustable perches, etc
Fitment & Assembly

4 x HD Rod Ends for outer suspension connections
16 x HD Rod Ends for inner suspension connections
Pair Front Lower Ball Joints
Pair Rear Lower Ball Joints
Mounting Hardware, brackets and fasteners

Stage 7 - Steering
Steering Rack
Lightweight sports steering rack with integrated adjustable ends, 2.5 turns lock-to-lock.

Mounting hardware & brackets for steering rack.
Steering Column

NEW GM steering column with full electric tilt and telescopic functions, OEM plastics for professional appearance, support for OEM and aftermarket steering wheels, collapsible steering column feature, OEM turn signal, headlight, wiper, horn, driving or fog lights, etc. switches and wiring pigtails. (See options page for a lightweight column designed for racing with no switches, plastic covers, electric assist, etc). Includes all universal joints & bearings. Fitted with spline for quick release. Also available as an cost-reducing option - Light Weight Race Column.
Mounting hardware for steering column.
Pair steering column pigtail plugs
Steering Wheel & Boss

Standard Sport steering wheel
Quick-release steering wheel assembly pre-mounted on column (ready to bolt on most any aftermarket steering wheel).
Stage 8 - Brake Components
Calipers and Rotors
Brembo Pair Front 4-piston calipers (with OEM dust seals for Worldwide street compliance)
Brembo Pair Rear 4-piston calipers(with OEM dust seals for Worldwide street compliance)
Brembo Pair Front vented 355mm rotors
Brembo Pair Rear vented 365mm rotors
Genuine Brembo Front Brake pads
Genuine Brembo Rear Brake pads
Stainless steel retainers and pins
Pedal Box Assembly
Floor-mounted triple pedal assembly (pedals for clutch, brakes and throttle) custom fabricated in stainless steel. Suitable for cable or electronic throttle. Includes front/rear brake bias balance bar. Can be mounted on a sliding mount to accommodate different drivers.
Tilton dual brake master cylinders (1 each for front and rear brakes), including remote-mount reservoirs and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinders & fittings.
Tilton clutch master cylinder, including remote reservoir and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinder
Brake Lines and Fittings
Custom CNC-bent stainless steel brake lines from pedals to brakes
Custom CNC-bent stainless steel clutch line from pedals to transaxle area (builder supplies flex line to their selection of transaxle as needed)
Stainless-steel braided, Teflon-lines flex brake hoses from hard lines to calipers and master cylinders to hard lines.
Hardware kit, including residual valves, brake light switch, stainless mounting clips and all fittings.
While the standard Brembo brake package is very aggressive and offers outstanding braking capability, even greater braking capacity is available in the options list below.
Stage 9 - Drivetrain fitting package

Front Custom RCR HD wheel bearings, including wheel speed sprockets in front, with heavy-duty wheel studs installed
Rear Custom RCR HD wheel bearings with splinned centres for drive shaft stub axle fitment, with heavy-duty wheel studs installed
Mount hardware for front and rear wheel bearings
Pair CV joint stub axles suitable for Porsche-style CV joints

Double Jam Nuts for each stub axle
High-performance axles rated for 1000 HP, constructed with 300M material and heavy-duty CV joints. If over 1000 HP is anticipated, or racing use is contemplated, check the options list for ultra-heavy duty CV joint upgrades. Some modifications may need to be done to your selected transaxle- please consult with RCR.

Custom CNC billet engine-to-transaxle adaptor plate. Available at no upcharge for LS/Ricardo, LS/Porsche G50, Small-block Chevy/Porsche G50. Other combinations on request, at additional cost, including Mazda Rotary to Porsche G50, etc. The SL-C is designed to accept almost any longitudinal drivetrain; please contact RCR for more information to see if your preferred drivetrain will fit.

CNC Cut and TIG Welded Mounting Brackets for Adaptor Plate
Cable gear shifter for either Ricardo or Porsche transaxles. Includes shifter and mount. Please see options list for custom cables. Builder to supply shift knob.

Stage 10 - Cooling System
Custom aluminum radiator, rated for 600+ HP

Radiator mount hardware
Twin electric fans

1.5" stainless steel cooling tube kit- builder to provide silicone hose as needed for connections.

Stage 11 - Fuel System
Custom aluminum baffled fuel tank with all necessary threaded fitment bungs and fuel filler inlet. Default capacity is 26 gallons. Tank mounted behind seats and inside the chassis per LeMans specs for improved safety and handling.

Flush-mounted aluminum filler cap.

Fuel Filler Neck.
See options list below for addition tank options, including race-legal fuel cells.

Stage 12 - Electrical

Digidash Pro+ high performance dash
Digidash Pro+ datalogger - Includes data logging, 2-axis G-sensors, infrared lap timer receiver, optional GPS for improved track mapping and PC software.
Digidash sender packet - (water temp, oil temp, oil pressure)
Digidash Pro+ fuel Sender
Digidash Pro+ Wiring Loom Kit
Digidash Pro+ Documentation & CD
Digi-dash 2 Pro+ high performance dash.
2 Hella DOT-approved Projector Low beam headlights
2 Hella DOT-approved High beam headlights
Bulbs and Bulb Holders for Low and High Beam Headlights
Pair DOT-approved, production quality tail lights. Lights include integrated brake, turn and backup lenses. Builder to provide bulbs and pigtails
Pair LED front indicator lights, including connectors and necessary pigtails

Pair Custom Mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, including wiring pigtails; builder to supply necessary wiring, including switches. Consult RCR for options.
Wiring Loom
20-circuit color-coded wiring harness, with integrated fusebox, relays and instructions.
Windshield Wiper motor system
Direct-drive, single windshield wiper system with two speeds, auto-park, adjustable sweep and supports optional intermittent, rain-sensing module. Includes wiper arm, and necessary adaptor. Builder to supply wiper blade.

Stage 13 - Air Conditioning
Air conditioner and heater. This powerful and compact unit keeps the occupants cool or warm, no matter the outside temp. Specifically engineered for the SLC, this unit includes the compressor, condenser, drier, super efficient and compact evaporator, a trinary switch and rotating, closing dash outlets designed for the standard dash. Provided with hard and soft lines and hose ends. A professional AC shop will normally be required to charge the system.
AC Compressor Mounting Bracket
AC Fibreglass Housing Set(bottom, main & cover)
AC Fibreglass Duct Set(2 pieces)
Stage 14 - Body Glass, Windows and Covers
DOT-approved windshield, including factory black edging and transition tint
Custom lexan side windows
Custom lexan rear engine cover screen
Custom lexan headlight covers
All lexan windows and covers are provided with a proprietary "scratch-proof" finish, are cut to exact size, and are provided with polished edges for perfect visual presentation and easy fitting.
Stage 15 - Interior

Production-style dashboard in fiberglass, including support for AC and defrost vents, space for double-DIN LCD screen in center stack, and custom molding for perfect fit around the standard steering column and DigiDash. Can be provided in RHD or LHD versions at no extra cost.
Custom Fiberglass seats (see options list below for a wider version of these as required to fit a broad range of occupants). These are SLC-specific seats that are designed to maximize the available space in the cockpit. These seats optimise the available seating height whihc is expecially important for taller drivers. Our experience is that for taller drivers, very few aftermarket seats will fit as they tend to be too high, and often foul the door with shoulder wings that are too wide.
Pair Side interior panels
See options list below for a complete list of optional interior panels, which are able to be provided in raw, finished fiberglass, or as completely trimmed in your choice of coverings (leather, alcantara, suede, etc)
Stage 16 - Wheels
Front 18X9.5 multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels
Rear 19X12 multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels
Set of Wheel nuts
See options list for race spec wheels. The SLC uses the popular GM 5-hole, 120.5MM PCD to accommodate a very wide range of aftermarket wheels. Please consult RCR for more information if you want alternative wheels.
Stage 17 -Wing and mount
Fiberglass rear wing, GTP profile, chassis mounted. Suitable for "race" rear clip. Comes with aluminum side plates. Wing is designed to fit the width of the SLC; most aftermarket wings are too narrow.
Aluminum wing stantions with hinging mount allowing easy engine access
Assembly to Rolling Kit Stage
Total Stages:
12.5% Discounted price for purchasing all stages at order time
New street tail section with fully functional air scoops ,enclosed transaxle bay with integrated rear diffuser ,complete with hinge and mounting brackets
Brake Upgrade Package. Front 15" Brembo floating GT discs with 6-piston Brembo GT Monoblock calipers; rear: 14: Brembo floating GT discs with 6-piston Brembo GT Monoblock Calipers.
Electric/Hydraulic lift kit for one axle (front or rear). Lifts the front or rear of the car about 3"" for improved clearance over speed bumps, on steep driveways, etc. Invaluable to protect your splitter and front end from scraping. Includes pump (one pump can lift one or both ends of the car), 2 spring mounts, 2 lift units, remote reservoir, appropriate lines to pump, and flex lines to lift units from pump. Once the first lift unit has been purchased, the other end can be plumbed in using the same pump, and at a lower cost than the alternative of having to buy two separate lift systems.
Handbrake assembly. Handbrakes are required for certain licensing situations, and RCR provides a subsystem that meets the demanding Australian ADR and UK IVA regulations that actually measure effectiveness. Consists of Brembo-sourced calipers, a custom handbrake lever and all necessary lines and fittings. Designed for the standard brakes, but available with extra cost for the upgraded brake package.
Interior panel Kit. This comprehensive kit is all that is needed to form the foundation of a world-class interior for the Superlite Coupe. As seen in turnkey cars, it includes a custom roof cover, 2 A-pillar covers, 2 lower door trim panels, 2 door blend transition covers, and a custom bulkhead cover. Furnished in fiberglass, and trimming with appropriate covering is required for a world-class appearance.
Fully-trimmed supercar-quality interior. Consists of all optional panels, fitted and trimmed in your specification for materials. Because the materials and details vary, these can only be quoted on an individual basis, after the materials and design are finalized.
FIA Bladder fuel tank. For racing purposes, or just extra safety on the street that exceeds production car standards, a fuel cell is required. These cells are custom-fabricated to our size and plumbing specifications, and meet all applicable FIA, SCCA, NASA and other sanctioning body rules and requirements, per the manufacturer. Price varies, depending on options and size, but for planning purposes, normally start and $2100 and go up.
Sway bars, front and rear. This comprehensive kit uses NASCAR-style bars so they are easy to swap out for tuning purposes, as well as allowing fine-tuning by use of the included adjustable links.
from $2100
Wheel Upgrade: Rotary-forged wheels , very light weight, in 18X10 (or 18X11) for the front, and 18X13 (or 18X14) in the rear. Available in natural finish only; you may powdercoat or anodize as needed. Specifically sized to fit the Superlite Coupe, these are a tremendous value considering their size, weight and strength. They look great, too!
Race front splitter. Consists of a splitter with a longer, deeper fascia that allows more air to be pushed up, instead of under the car. Designed for very low clearance race applications, not suitable for street use. Designed in conjunction with a renowned NASCAR aerodynamicist and uses a proprietary design to evacuate air from under the car using tunnel-effect construction.

Race side skirts. Like the street skirts, but deeper, to manage airflow under the car better under racing conditions.

Factory Body fitment. Consists of aligning the body on the chassis, fitting and hinging the doors, assembling and adjusting the door strikers and handles, aligning the front and rear sections to the central spider section, installing the front and rear body latches, installing hinges (if purchased) and installing and testing the gas struts for the doors.

Factory Body prep. Consists of cutting out all apertures for lights and scoops, trimming side scoops and roof mount with grille material.

Upgrade to wider "Gentleman's" seats. Approximately 2 inches wider than the standard seats, these can accommodate occupants that cannot fit comfortably in the standard seats. The extra width may require them to be offset slightly relative to the steering column centerline, but the column may be moved to re-center with the seats if needed.

Race Roll cage Upgrade. Adds increased stiffness, and meets FIA, NASA and SCCA regulations for race car safety in most of their series- consult RCR for details before you select this option. Includes side bars that dramatically stiffen the door openings, tie-in bars to the front suspension area, additional cross bracing inside the monocoque in the front to add stiffness in the front, and other miscellaneous changes to the cage. Bolts in, and requires no welding, so it is easy to remove if you decide to convert to the street, or upgrades are added later. Interferes with the optional lower door panels (which are not needed in a race car).

Race column. This is a traditional, lightweight racing steering column with no switches, no collapsible internals, and no electric anything. Price reflects discount from appropriate stage or complete kit.

Adjustable pedals. Consists of a CNC aluminum plate mounted to the monocoque that allows the pedal set to be moved forward or backward as needed for different drivers. Requires that a nut be loosened, after which the pedal assembly can be re-located further forward or backward. Simple, lightweight and inexpensive.

CV Joint Upgrade. The standard CVs and axles are rated for 1000 HP. For more powerful engines, or drag race duty, even stronger joints are available. Please contact RCR before the complete kit or axles are purchased as this is a replacement option, not an add-on. These upgraded CVs are in use at the highest levels of motorsport, and are almost unbreakable.
from $1395

Custom shift cables. RCR can assist with procuring reliable shift cables from it's extensive supplier network. These cables are reliable, resistant to heat (though not immune to extreme temps, so routing and insulation must be considered), and are custom made to fit the requirements of each car. Since every builder can locate the shifter where it works best, the cable lengths must vary as well. Also, routing differences will alter the nominal length. When you are ready to install the shift cables, contact RCR to help in learning how to measure the correct length. RCR will then procure the correct cables. Prices vary but are in the $300-400 range.
Electric Door openers. Instead of using the provided manual door handles, the SLC can be built with electrically operated door openers. This kit is sufficient for two doors, and includes the necessary solenoids, poppers, wiring and details needed to convert your doors. Uses the standard hinges and latches, so no changes are needed to those. Requires an alarm or other electrical system to provide actuating logic to the openers.

Chassis-mounted Carbon Fiber wing, including mounting brackets and required hardware. This wing is substantially lighter than the fiberglass wing, and has a more developed chord for increased downforce. It is constructed of a very lightweight honeycomb base with strong carbon fiber applied for strength. The wing has the "dry" carbon fiber look characteristic of autoclave-built products, but has been covered with a clear coat to display and protect the intrinsic beauty of the carbon fiber. Comes with aluminum side plates. Designed to allow on-track adjustability of angle of attack for tuning rear downforce for different circuits.
Aluminum hinging rear wing mounting system, suitable for either wing, not needed with "street" rear clip

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This is great- it allows people to buy the car in stages, instead of having to come up with a big hunk of cash. That makes the car accessible to a much wider range of potential buyers.

And it details the value of what exactly is in the kit, along with an expanded list of options, some of which were not previously advertised.

It's noteworthy that even as the SLC has added content, the price has remained constant over time, if you buy the car in the same way.


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" If over 1000 HP is anticipated, or racing use is contemplated, check the options list for ultra-heavy duty CV joint upgrades. Some modifications may need to be done to your selected transaxle- please consult with RCR."

Over 1000 HP... LMFAO! Is this a great place or what!

Fran Hall RCR

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If purchased "in addition" to the existing tail...otherwise its a direct replacement at no charge .....check the list above.