hi patrick - my advice would be get yourself a camera/gatzo detector - one of teh better ones
they are great and totally legal!
un like this stuff - where if you get caught they might not get your palte but a lot of policemen might start looknig for a yellow gt40 - cant be mayn of those around your way ? surely -
My assumption would be (coorect me if I am wrong please somebody) that ifthey do work and you are found to be in possession of said item atteched to the plate, then you would be prosecuted for trying to pervert the course of justice,or something similar. The bassis of the arguement would be that you willingly and knowingly fitted the item to prevent your vehicle plate being recognised by 'law enforcement devices'. I have seen something similar, which is a LCD plate, which you can flick on flick off, but the packaging says NOT FOR ROAD USE - DISPLAY ONLY, but that doesn't stop them down SOuthend with the Neon /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

On another thread, they did somethiing similar on 5th Gear a while back on the Laser detectors and GPS Gatso devices. One of the items was a laser scatterer, which was meant and packed to be used for 'Electric Garage Doors', whilst not illegal, if found on your car you would have to prove it wasn't for scattering laser....

i was out in my friends 911 turbo the other week - he had one of those small boxes on his dash board - i was amazed at what it picked up!! - not only gatzo - traffic lights - zebra crossings - but cctv cameras too!!!
straight up - freaked me out too - only thing that was where we were - in his office car park - was a cctv camera - and it was flashing and bleeping away!
cost him bout £1000 so id expect it! want it to find the nearest toilet for that price!
Did his office have automatic sliding doors on the entrance? If so, it will be the transmitter on those it picked up, or any thing else like that for a good range around.

A grand for a box you put on your dash that then bleeps at random! Brilliant Idea! Now I know where I`ve been going wrong, now were did I put that Maplin catalogue? I recon I can do them for.... oooh, about 500 quid a go.