Price Gouging

Chris Duncan

My GT40 has a hydraulic E-brake and I'm trying to find a single 3/4" pull type master cylinder that's compatible for the limited amount of space above the rear tunnel.

A post in the brake forum revealed an AP reverse pull master sold by "Essex Parts Services" back east. Well I figured out what I needed from their online catalog and made a list and called them. All the parts are supplied separately so-- master, hose fitting, hose, reservoir, reservoir fitting, cap bellows.

So call Essex up and give my info, address and card # etc. then all the parts numbers. Figured I better price it so ask for all the pricing. "the master is $469.00"....(GASP)... the small hose barb that bolts to the master is $56.00. (CHOKE).... the (smallest) reservoir is $86.00. (YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT?) The total came to $670.00 for one single 3/4" reverse pull master cylinder. "I'm sorry sir, I'm going to have to explore other avenues..." (the sales guy sounded like he'd heard it before)

Keep in mind a single Tilton close clearance (small) master complete with fittings hose and reservoir is right at $100.00. Granted this has been shipped from England and is probably low production and maybe more complex since it's reverse. I would have paid double or even a little bit more, But almost 7 times the price? SORRY, AP and Essex, you lost my business.

Got to looking at the AP website, Essex is the sole US distributor. What does that tell you, just like Motec USA, they must not want their product widely distributed.

I'll just have to spend a little extra time rigging a linkage to get a normal push master to work, there's a 3/4" one on the shelf anyway from where the clutch ratio needed to be changed.

(flame suit on if necessary but this is gouging)


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The extremely weak dollar isn't helping either. I don't know how anyone manufacturing abroad can hope to sell in the US right now, unless they've got a lock on the market. Kudos to people like Andy Sheldon who are trying.
sorry, but i must say some words, years ago, the dollar was a strong money, we must buy parts and apparell in usa, for our buisness, we payed for an 2stroke ignition 400$, at this time the rate was 1$ - 1.4$, the price was with transport and tax more then 550€,...........we know, this all is cracy, but, dont forget, this is the first time the dollar is so weak, we paid this prices for many jears. and in moment some europa-distributers make enormous money with this dollar, our prices for us-parts in europa are not so cheap as the dollar is weak, in usa we get in moment a kawasaki jet-ski for 10.400$ inc tax, the same ski in europa has a price from 17.900€ inc tax,........this is cracy to, we all are the looser from this money, you american´s in moment, and we europen the last years and im moment to.