Quaife 6 Speed Sequential Transaxle

I have a 6 -Speed Sequential MkII Quaife Transaxle with straight cut gears - complete with hydraulic clutch cylinder, gear lever and geap position indicator. I was told when I bought this that it had been used for just two races (in a lotus esprit drag car very strange) This has the same mounting pattern as a ZF box and is good for many horsepower. Check out the quaife web site for details although what they do not mention is that they no longer make the box but will supply spares.

I bought this for my project - a Maserati powered sports racer - but I have bought another slightly more appropriate Hewland box with a package of spares - one transaxle must go.....The purpose of this post is to see whether theere would be any interest and at what price...The box + the other bits was £14,000 new. Any offers? I can e-mail installation drawings. I don't know whether the box could be used "inverted".

This has got to be better than breaking endless UN1 input shafts!
About your Quaufe trans axle. I am in the market for a seuential unit for a GT40 kit car. Needs to hook up behind a Ford 302 or Ford 2.3 OHC. Pictures, gear ratios, clutch info, model number and all the other info you've got.

Thanks ranger jim

Brian Kissel

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I have a sequential Ricardo, that hasn't been run since being freshened. If you would like pictures and more information, please email me directly at [email protected]

My intentions were to list it for sale at some time, but it is nothing I need to sell. I have a manual on it from Ricardo also.

Regards Brian