Question on ZF shift pattern

When I got my ZF back from RBT. Lloyd wrote down the shift pattern with REVERSE left and up. But on mine its left and down. First is straight up from there. But I can only get 3 gears.

Thanks for the help
Well, after jacking around with it for awhile, I see I need to adjust the cable to pull the shifter shaft further in on the ZF. This weekend's task #114
Bill, that sounds like the same pattern that I have. I have all the gears but it is not as "quick" as my tremec in the cobra. I am sure that is a cable shift thing. I was on the track with 1051 and he was extremely fast through the gears. Any ideas would be great. Bill this will be a short weekend project by comparison if you only need to find the other gears.
Does flipping the transmission alter the pattern? It's probably a dumb question, but I bought a Pantera shift gate way back in the eighties and never put it on. My ZF is a -0 (not flipped) on a 289 and it never occurred to me that the pattern might be different than the Pantera's. The tranny's out of the car right now and I haven't a clue how to check without the shifter linkage connected.
Bill, does this mean that the 'only' gears you have at present are 1*3*5 and that you are unable to select R*2*4 ?
Bill, does this mean that the 'only' gears you have at present are 1*3*5 and that you are unable to select R*2*4 ?
No. I get R-1-2-3. I get a typical H pattern. When I try for 4th or 5th, I can't push the shifter over enough. I need to adjust the cable back at the transaxle


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Mine is R down and left, 1st upper left, 2nd down center, 3rd up center, 4th down right, 5th upper right. In order to get 4 & 5 cleanly I had to open the shift box opening a little with a die grinder. The total left to right throw needed to obtain the shift mechanism movement was more than the shift box top opening permitted. After opening it up a little all was right with the world.... No further adjustments were needed. Granted, I did this after confirming all adjustments were in optimal settings.

Regarding pattern orientation as compared to Pantera, this would depend on the whether your particular cable system mounts to the top or bottom of the shift shaft. i.e. does the pulling action rotate the shaft toward a given gear or away.
Thanks guys. I got it resolved this morning. On the end that attaches to the transaxle, I had to shorten the attachment point 1/4". Now don't jump to the conclusion that I cut the cable. I threaded the rod end in 1/4". Now it shifts very nice.

Went to the gas station and put 10 gallons in the right tank. And guess what! The gauge reads 1/2 full. Maybe not 100% accurate, but it works!!!

Fabricated a new throttle cable bracket that mounts to the Webers and to the riveted tab on the valve covers. Perfect!!

Seems I've turned the corner on the problems. I drove the car all around town and on the freeway. Even a police officer looked and waved. Cool!!

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Great to hear that Bill

It's amazing with these cars - bugs bugs bigs and then suddenly they work! Yes they will always have things to "fix" but that is also part of the fun