Ram Lift Pro installation instructions? (wiring help?)


I have the kit from Fran for over a year now and finally getting to installing it today....I have all the shocks and lift pieces in place, that's no problem.

What about wiring? There's just a red/black wire coming from the pump. Great, supply power to red and ground the black....It should go up, but how does it go down? Do I leave power to it (switch on) for the duration of it being lifted and then as soon as I switch the power off it will drop? Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for the help!

Reverse wires?

Is the rocker set upto reverse the power to ground in alternate position?

Steve P2125

PS: Did you go with front only or F&R?


I have a three position switch. Are you guys saying that I would run power to the switch, and the red and black wires from the pump would go to the other poles on the switch? What needs to be grounded then?

Sorry, wiring and electricity have never been my strong suit.