Raver Motorsports SL-C available for sale


2017 Superlite SL-C race car

The most well-known and fully developed SL-C in the country, over $400 thousand invested in this car. This was built using the best possible components available. Campaigned by Raver Motorsports, this car finished second in the NASA Super Unlimited national championships, losing only because of a late spin while leading the field by half a lap. Numerous track records up and down the East Coast. This car has been prominently featured in a number of media outlets and is highlighted on the Superlite website.

Since purchasing the car, the entire drivetrain has been rebuilt. The car is currently powered by a 580 hp LS-3 engine that has been significantly revised. The transaxle is a zero-hour Albins ST6-M. Available for purchase separately is a zero-hour Katech Track Attack LS-7 producing over 700 hp. Numerous components on the car are similarly zero-hour parts, including the entire front suspension and AP racing discs. Electronics are all Cosworth with an AliveDrive video system integrated.

The car comes with a huge amount of spares, including two additional sets of AP brake discs, one set is new in box and the other has 50% life remaining. The car also comes with 3 sets of sticker tires all mounted, two sets of sticker Hoosier A7s and one set of Hoosier Wets. There is a fourth set of wheels with scrub tires mounted for transport and storage. Two drums full of 100 race fuel, cases of fluids, multiple sets of brake pads, springs, suspension components, etc. The spares package alone is easily worth over $50 thousand. Everything required for at least one full season of racing.

Car will be delivered in original ninja green gelcoat, all livery wrap will be removed. Car has been maintained by Agile Automotive throughout its history and can be seen at their shop.

Car is being sold due to a change in direction for my race team. This car is available at a fraction of the amount invested. Asking $175 thousand for everything. You couldn't replicate this build for twice the money.

Zero-hour 700 hp Katech LS-7 rack Attack engine available separately.


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Freshly refreshed LS-3 Engine, dynoing at just under 600 HP.
Albins ST6M 6 speed sequential transaxle w/ paddle shift, ZERO-HOURS on fresh rebuild
Albins Tripod axles
Cosworth/Pectel SQ6M engine w/ integrated Transmission control
Cosworth Omega Intelligent Color Display/Logger w/ Ultra level unlock
Cosworth Intelligent Power Management 32 power distribution system w/ membrane keypad
Bosch Motorsport ABS System (1 Mbaud)
DCE EPAS Ultra driver adjustable electric power steering
Custom Wheel with driver controls and paddles built on Momo Formula wheel
Shiftec Air Power Source, Paddles and Shift Actuator
Complete bespoke car harness supporting all later gen. Chevrolet LS 58-2 trigger patterns
AP Racing Radical Big Brakes: 6 piston front, 4 piston rear w/ AP J slot floating rotors
Penske Shocks w/ Eibach Spring
Cockpit adjustable Riley Style anti-roll bars front and rear
Tilton 900 Series floor mounted pedals set w/ Tilton 77 series masters and brake bias adjuster
Woodward Steering Rack w/ collapsible intermediate shaft
4x sets of CCW Corsair wheels
AP Racing Air Jack system
25 gallon fuel cell w/ ATL quick fill valve
Super B lithium Ion Battery w/ Cosworth 300amp solid state relay
Cosworth/Pectel Data Buddy secondary logger for fast data offloads on pitstops
Bespoke Aero parts for front downforce improvement
8 levels of ECU based traction control (driver selectable via trim pot)
Quick change front splitter and rear wing
C&R Racing Radiator
Setrab oil and trans cooler
Tilton 7.25inch twin plate clutch Albins LS lightweight flywheel
Fresh build with all high-end components

New Schroth Enduro Belts 2019
New fuel cell 2019
All new Goodridge plumbing for fuel and oil in 2019
New Lifeline Novec fire suppression system 2019
New Motorsport Steering Rack 2023
New AP racing rotors and pads 2023

Extensive spares package, including 100 gallons of 110 racing fuel
Cases of fluids and lubricants for the car
Springs, brake pads, spare suspension components, two extra set of rotors (one New-in-box AP rotors, used AP rotors with 50% life)
Two sets of sticker Hoosier A7s, one set of Hooiser A7s with 6 heat cycles, one set of sticker Hoosier Wets

Zero-Hour Katech Track Attack 427 CI Engine available separately

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