RCR GT40-MKII Front Anti-Roll Bar arrangement


Does anyone have any pictures of the arrangement used by RCR for the front anti-roll bar and related linkage (I am interested in seeing how this compares to the Superformance arrangement if, in fact, it's different).

/s/ Chris Kennedy
Chris its the same as the mk-1, I don't remember if rcr uses there own bar like on the slc or not. We use nascar sway bars and arms from speedway engineering with the link rods made of hiem joints and Dom tubing. If you have a build manual I think it shows the set up, if not I can take pictures of our mk-2 and show you how we have done it. The last time I tracked it was perfect and I had great adjustability ...................m
Chris my daughter says she put pictures of the mk-1, mk-2 and mk-4 on my facebook page I would have to look but she says there are a bunch ,its mahlon miller or miller motorsports I am in erie colorado
Chris I got on facebook my daughter did upload pictures of the sway bar setups we use on Frans chassis, let me know if you need something else you can e-mail me or call...............................m