RCR40 17" track / autocross tires

Hey everyone,

Still early in my build but planning ahead for track/autocross tire selection for my RCR40.

Currently have Toyo R1R's on the car mounted to 17" Halibrands.

The rear's currently are 275's but are definitely a touch too narrow for the wheels. I want to move to 315's.
225's fit perfect on the front.

Looking at the current market, I really settled on the NT05s from Nitto but when I went to order them they said they can't get them anywhere because they are discontinued.. darnit!!! NT05 was perfectly placed in-between the 100 treadwear line of tires (like R888R) and a road high performance tire (NT555 G2 320 treadwear).

At this point I may go with the R888R as it is my only option for 315s in stock at discount tire... The soft R compound worries me a bit for driving casually to work here and there / car shows but that is far from "daily driving" so I think it will be fine.

Any other thoughts from other GT40 owners out there that do some spirited driving on 17" wheels???

Nitto NT01 ? Also 100 treadwear. I used them for track days only. Good grip. I never wore the tread out, but they would get hard after a couple of years.

Paul T.

I Autox my Cobra a lot with some track days, Tire choices in 17 inch 200tw really are limited. To compete in most classes you are limited to 200tw or higher unless you go to the Modified or Prepared classes where its legal to run lower than 200tw. I have run the Mickey Thompson and Nitto NT05s, they are good for spirited street driving and last pretty good but for any kind of competition they were way to hard and slick in my opinion, Also most 200tw tires are slick in the wet-rain. I have been running Hoosier A7s 315 rear 275 front 40tw in XP class, great grip, no tread design and don’t last long when driven on the street. I have no experience with Toyo. I think for now when the GT40 gets done I will run the 15 1nch Avon’s until the wear out, then get some 18 inch for some Competition tires dependent on which class I can fit it into. I’m going up to 18s on the Cobra with all kinds of tire choices and going back to Competing in CAMS. Not sure about the look of 18 inch wheels on 40’s and Cobras. Falken RT660s in 17 inch are a Good tire but only go to 275, I wish tire manufactures would do at least a 295 or 305 to help the 17 inch guys out.
Michelin PS2 are available in 335/35ZR17 also 225/45ZR17.
How are the reviews on this tire (PS2) from the community. I don't think I will ever be on the track but who knows. But I would like to have real good performance on the street.