RCR70 at Knott's Saturday

There was a very cool RCR70 at Knott's saturday. The owner was most gracious and had a funny accent like Fran :) The car was painted dark blue and orange. Many, many people thought it was an original with the plain aluminum chassis and spartan interior. A lot of people looked at the car. I mean A LOT!!!

Here are some pictures

Hi Molleur,
You might want to visit Ken's shop some time. Although his web-site lists a Michigan address, he is now based in Florida, near Fort Myers.
Hi Folks.

To answer your question the car was built by Ken Seybert, not sure who did the paint job.

Perhaps Fran can answer that one as I know the car was first shown at the Carlisle show about three or four years ago.

I purchased the car about a year ago and have spent the last year going over several things that needed attention.

This was our first show with the car and I must say we had a lot of fun and enjoyed visiting and meeting with forum members who attended the show over the two days.

I was surprised at the number of visitors who came to see the car and the interest it caused at the show.

All those who took the time to visit were extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the build quality of the car.

This in my opinion is due to the quality of the product that Fran and his staff produce.

I looked at many other manufacturers and whilst the cars looked stunning when you looked under the skin the actual chassis and components of some of the cars was really bad.

This just made me even more certain that my choice of an RCR was the only way to go.

Thanks again to all the forum members who took the time to drop by and I look forward to visiting with you again next year.

Just as a closing note the organizers of the event announced that this would be the last year the show would be held at Knotts Berry Farm.

Next years event is due to be held at The NHRA Museum at Pomona.

I actually think this will be a better location having visited the place a few times.

John Coombs. :drunk:
Hi Peter

The specs are

Engine 4 bolt main Chevy stroker, 383 cubic inches with aluminum heads, Edelbrock 750 carb with Pro Comp distributor and electronic ignition.

Transmission is an Audi 5 speed , with a Kennedy Engineering (stage 2) clutch pressure plate and bell housing.

Power output is around 440 HP.

Randy V

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I am totally in lust with your car...

I would really like to see more pictures - a gallery if possible - of your car.
This particular angle has got me just thrilled to goose-bumps..

I love the way the orange stripe curls around the headlight and so gracefully curves up at the same angle as the canard...

I think I need to go to the other room now... :lipsrsealed: :stunned: :!blank:

Randy V

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Thank you John - I shall go drool for a while now....

:heart: LOLA :heart:
Thanks for the spec, John.
383 stroker with audi gearbox is just the combo i'm looking at for my next project.
Any up's or down's?

A sound clip would be nice... ;-)

/ Peter