Rear Wheel Bearing adjustment

Having done a lot of research on this site about the bearing adjustments on these cars, and frankly being highly intimidated by the whole process, I thought I would share my experiences. My car is #2388, delivered to me late fall last year, just as the snow settled in. I started to drive and sort the car in April. I now have just over 1300 miles on and have completed my first track event, about 150 track miles over 2 days.

I had already adjusted my front bearings as there was a little play on one side when I got the car. With the Olthoff tool, that was a simple job, taking about 40 minutes on the first wheel as I was really taking my time and 15 minutes on the second wheel.

After the track event I had more play than I wanted in the rear bearings, one a little looser than the other. I took off the two rear axle nuts with a 5' pipe over my breaker bar to break the loctite seal. Jacked up the rear, removed the rear wheels and took off the CV coupling closest to the wheel. Once that was off and held aside with a zip tie, I tapped the stub axle out with a brass drift. It took very little effort and slid out easily. There was plenty of evidence of anti sieze on the splines. Once the stub axle was out, adjustment was simple, just like the front wheels. Reassembled in reverse order with loctite on both the CV coupling and the axle nuts.

Start to finish on the rears was two hours. I bet I could do it in one now that I know how it all goes together. Test drive, no issues.

Just thought I would share as the reality was far easier than I thought based on all the reading.

Disclaimer: I understand that older cars have a slightly different setup and required some force and special tools to remove the stub axle. I can't comment on those, only on my car that was assembled in SA in early 2018.

I hope this information is helpful to other new owners out there. TIP: Get the Olthoff bearing adjust tool. Well made and simple to use.