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Wanted to clarify what current rules are before I plunk down $$$. Searched forum but here's what I found on line from Texas:

First attachment talks to assembled vehicle.

Second attachment talks to new replica from auto manufacturer.

Texas DPS Emissions Rules:
Vehicles have to meet the emissions standards for the year the vehicle is assembled. Vehicle manufacturers have to certify that their vehicles meet EPA emissions standards. A lot of kit car manufacturers also comply with this requirement. If you purchase one of these kit cars, follow the instructions on assembly, including the emissions components. You should be able to pass an emissions test just like any other new car.

Just as the EPA does not allow an individual to reverse engineer a vehicle to defeat emission standards, they do not allow an individual to build a brand new "old" vehicle to bypass emissions standards. It is possible if you actually use old parts (like a 1965 engine, or complete 60s frame and powertrain) that the vehicle will be registered as that model year (replica), but this is a TxDOT issue. However it is registered, is how DPS inspection stations will test it.

Any recent experiences in DFW area?



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I just brought my CAV in from South Africa to Houston and have assembled engine and am about to get ready to go to county license. I went to DMV and they told me that I must register this as a 2009 kit car. My understanding is that in other states these vehicles are being registered under special construction as period vehicles ala California SB100 form. I am really hesitant to go and license this as 2009 kit with potential problems moving from state to state.
Seems what you are saying is that there is no way around this here in Texas.

I have an ERA Cobra replica built in 2004, with an original 427 side-oiler (1966), and had no problems registering the car as a "2004 replica of a 1966 Shelby Cobra" in Texas. They even retitled it (originally registered in CT) as such. It has no emission control system at all. In CT, I got around emissions compliance because the engine block is pre-1970, before emissions testing began there. The only thing I had to do was have my insurance agent put on my insurance ID card that it was a 1966 replica.

Here in Texas, several of my Cobra Club buds have replicas with brand new motors, and they are not subject to emissions testing either, because they are also registered as replicas, despite new engines. I talked to a Superformance dealer specifically about their GT40 here in Houston, and they told me they can do the process from start to finish, and they were very clear that the cars do not have to comply with emissions standards. That may be the way to go - a little more money, but no headaches about inspection or registration.

I can find out more from the guys with the new "old" cars if you need me to.

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With due respect, it might not be a bad idea to take this topic private. As with many things here in the great state of TX, the process for car registrations and inspections is sometimes open to local interpretation.

Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, just trying to protect what few loopholes we can sometimes still enjoy as enthusiasts. Best bet is to contact a few owners privately and get some tips.
you are right thanks to you for the advice and to Ron for the contacts, look forward to hooking up with Ron the Cobra Club in Houston if they allow younger vehicles to attend.

It was nice talking with you yesterday. Let me know if my friend didn't call you. Of course younger cars are welcome, and we'll be happy to have you. We are a very busy club, and we do tons of events all year long, but more now that the nice weather is coming. I'll keep you informed.