Remote Oil Filter

Rod Dittmar

I know this topic has probably been beaten to death, but I couldn't find any specifics when I searched. I'm looking for recommendations on a Remote Oil Filter system for my RCR40. TIA, Rod

Chris Kouba

This was a god-send:

The spin-on type would never snug up when clocked where I needed and 90° versions stick out too far. This allows you to point it in any direction you want and snug down the housing. This was exactly what I needed and I imagine you will too. You will need a remote filter mount as well.

Howard Jones

Bryanf, I noted you mounted the oil filter back behind the rear tires. Smart move! I had a filter o ring fail once and even though the oil ended up on the ground because it was mounted towards the rear of the car, it DIDN"T end up under my rear tires. Ron, while you are at it, add a low oil pressure warning light and sensor as well as a normal oil pressure gauge. I use a 30 psi sensor so I get a few seconds to shut down the engine. That saved the above-mentioned engine for me. Bryanf, the remote mount you used is perfect for this because it has two places to add sensors.