REPLACING CAV REAR HALF SHAFT HELP!! Can anyone out there please help out? On my CAV#27 I need to replace the rear half shafts after only some 500 miles as the outer CV’s are wearing out. Running a 342 with maybe 500HP through an RBT ZF 5 speed. The problem is, can’t identify with any certainty what, where, how I have to buy/make to accomplish this. Here’s the details:
Inner side bolts up to the RBT ZF transaxle through what appears to be similar to a Porsche 930 CV with a 6 bolt circle of 94mm diameter and 10mm bolts and has GLO4051 etched on it (pics 1 and 2). Outer CV is a combined stub axle/CV joint with 28MM/26 spline shaft to an M22 thread (perhaps an Audi??) and has GLO3073 etched in (pics 3 and 4). Overall, the complete axle with a 15mm aluminum spacer on each side is 570mm (see pic 5).
The only other problem is that each rear assembly the CAV cast upright has a galvanized steel bolt on reinforcement flat bar frame on the inside of each hub that limits the diameter of the stub axle or stub assembly to less than 110mm MAX between the vertical bars (Pic 6).
Wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what the best solution might be. Ideally, a drop in ready to go axle capable of 500+ HP off the OEM shelf is ideal. Am I hoping for too much? Help is much appreciated.


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I went through this just a couple of years ago. They are Audi 5000 or SAAB 9000 without ABS. For the inner CVs I got some decent Porsche 930 CVs. I would have liked something better for the stub axles, but they are working fine so far. The big nut holding the stub axle on took some moving, but it looks like you have managed to deal with that already. I have #53.

Good luck!

I managed to find the order from
Audi Drive Shaft CV Joint Kit Outer (100 5000) - Meyle 431498099A

Hope that helps,

Hey Karl,
GREAT!! Thanks for the info ... very very helpful. A couple of q's, though. What are you running (eng/tranny), how long ago did you replace the parts and what level of "lead foot" do you routinely apply, particularly from a dead stop?
Hi Stan,

351w stroked to 427, supposed to be 550hp and I have no reason to doubt it!!! RBT transaxle. I am not that much of a heavy foot, especially from go, although it has been two years since I did the replacement. I would suggest starting with this and going form there....