***SOLD** Ex-Shelby 80th Birthday CAV GT40 ***SOLD**

2003-built CAV GT40 S/N 80.
Delivered to Carroll Shelby on his 80th birthday.
Red leather around instruments done just for Carroll. Red stitching on black dash.
Odometer 3,600 miles.
Red with white stripes.
Monocoque stainless steel chassis.
Engine and transmission installed by Shelby Automotive for a customer.
Keith Craft Racing 331 CID crate motor. Build sheet with all components.
Bundle of snakes stainless exhaust.
Aviaid 8 quart oil pan.
Air conditioning works well, Sanden compressor.
RBT ZF 5-speed w/ CV shafts, external slave cylinder. Build sheet with ratios.
CAV upgraded shifter.
Vehicle was built as a race car, but never raced, crashed or driven in rain.
Current owner made the following changes to make it a good streetable car:
>>1. Original CAV muffler and heat shield installed. I have the straight pipes if you want them.
>>2. Clutch changed to one that won't break your leg.
>>3. Camshaft changed to more streetable Comp Cams unit.
>>4. Different outside mirrors for good visibility.
>>5. Carburetor changed to appropriate size for street car.
BRM style pin drive wheels, safety wired, outer edge polished. 8"X15" front, 10"X15" rear.
Smiths gauges, Lucas switches. Full wiring diagram provided by CAV.
Documentation back to CAV factory in Cape Town, South Africa, including the vessel it was shipped on to Shelby Automotive.
Certificate of Origin signed by Carroll Shelby.
Clean Arizona title, listed as 1966 Ford Special Construction. Car located in Phoenix area.
California SB100 document (no smog required in CA).
Asking $ 139K.

What else would you like to know or see?

A few more photos on the next post...
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Good grief. Looks like the buyer is backing out of the deal. At this point, I guess the car might be back on the market. I'll know for sure in a day or so. -Steve
Indeed, the buyer backed out. I have accepted a second offer from a new buyer, and I'm waiting for funds. I never consider a car sold until I have the funds and the car is loaded on a carrier. Stay tuned...
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Looks like this time it's really sold. Thanks again everyone.
Did you finally put your car on the transporter with money in hand or are you still a seller?
I first saw your ad while out of the country. Just returned to home in Mesa and I’m still interested if you are still trying to sell. ????
He sold it. I was the first buyer, had a discrepancy with some paperwork that I wanted to be validated, it wasn’t, then a few days CAV validated but he had sold it to someone else, was a bummer!