Robertsons in 3rd at Le mans

What a fantastic result!

Few teams go to LeMans and podium on the first attempt.

Fewer still with a mostly amateur lineup of drivers who had never raced at LeMans before.

And they did it in the Ford GT, echoing the overall victories of the iconic GT40 from the 60s.

The team didn't win on raw speed, but on tactics, reliability and staying out of trouble.

Way to go Robertsons!

Fran Hall RCR

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I am so proud of my friends Dave and Andrea....
(and Dave Murry too of course)....

They lost the sequential paddle/flat shift system early in the race and had to revert to manual shifting and they also overcame a even more kudos for bringing it home....

So now I can say that RCR is modern day Le Mans ...not just replicas...

Ron Earp

Great job!

I was working in the garage most of the day yesterday so didn't see much of the race. However, when I came in and turned on Speed it was clear the coverage was by Chevy beacuse all I saw was stuff about Corvetes, Corvete drivers, and Corvete in car footage. Tried once early in the day and then tried again around 5-6pm EST and the course was under full caution that seemed to last forever. One Corvette driver was taken out due to fume poisoning. Had to head off to dinner and never got to see the Ford GT at all.

Got any pictures?
Very,very pleased with the results. The team performed professionally and smartly.
Congratulations! Amazing first time results.
Nice to see Chevy took 1st in GT1 and GT 2. Or GT-E pro and GT-E am. Whats up with that naming system?

Fran Hall RCR

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there is no GT1...all cars are GT2 spec...the pro is just that, ALL pro drivers, the am is only one pro driver and the rest must ALL be amateurs....

The GT2 cars all make about 470-490 hp....and weigh a min of your SL-C is lighter and with similar power...

The GTE-am Corvette is last years factory GM car with some new factory parts...
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I agree it's definitely great to see more "American Muscle" on the podium. No big surprises with Chevy's flagship car. They've been on a roll for the past decade almost. Good to see Ford on the podium. Hopefully that will be motivation for the Execs to bring back the GT Supercar again. Seeing the Mustang as the flagship..well I'll keep my opinion to myself.