Rod's GT40

Rod Dittmar

Having now received our RCR40 Deluxe Plus Kit, we are now in the absolutely thrilling, but somewhat frightening command of building a car. Being 3/4 of a century old now, most everything I buy probably comes with a lifetime guarantee. And so, I won't be able to spend years on this project as others have done. Our intention is to build a street car only, possibly adding a few interior refinements, as quickly and efficiently as possible. There will be no attempt in any way to make this car an exact replica of an original. Therefore, what to do first? For starters, here's what I'm thinking: I had RCR fit the body and hang the doors. That said, there still appears to be a lot of work to be done straightening panels and making the gaps even. I had my body/paint friend look at it and he likes it. So, I thought about taking it to him right now, as is, and let him do some preliminary bodywork to it. Then, I can bring it back and start tearing into the build. In the meantime, my engine will be arriving soon and I can start assembling the clutch, ZF, and front dress to it. However, not wanting to make any huge mistakes, I'm looking for an efficient sequence of events. What are your thoughts?
Regards, Rod

Howard Jones

I have advocated doing the body first then setting it aside after marking all the pannel location points carefully, in the past. I didn't do mine that way but I think it just might be easier and have the added benefit of a clean workspace for the rest of the build.

You might have your body guy preliminary fit everything to the final location, finish the bodywork, final primer then take it apart and mark it for you (himself really). Now you can complete the gocart and all its systems and when you are ready, have him finish paint it and put It back together. This method takes all the stuff that most people don't really consider the fun part and farm it out.

You will need to do the lights and other components mounting to the body but there really isn't a lot of that.

The one thing you need to be careful with is the windshield and the necessity to be sure it fits in relationship to the rest of the body before you finally locate the center spider and doors specifically as well as the front clip to a less degree. Waiting to install the windshield until after the body is final fitted is a mistake.

Be aware that tire to body interference is another thing that needs to be addressed early in the body fit process. Aline the suspension beforehand. You will need the weight of the power train to do this but not really much else. Set up the suspension to 0 toe and no camber (0 degrees) to ensure full clearance later.

Letting somebody do the dust work is a good idea.