Rolex 24 party Sat Jan 26 in Massachusetts

I'd like to extend this invitation to any members who want to get together at Mark's marvelous multilevel mid-century manse in Lancaster, Massachusetts to hang out, watch the start of the Rolex 24 at Daytona (race starts at 2:30), eat some food, drink some beer, and maybe oggle or, God forbid, actually work on the GT40, which has survived my divorce thus far. There will be some good food and good drink; feel free to bring some with you.

Please RSVP Let me know if you plan to attend. Email address is my username with a dot between first and last names at gmail dot com.

Let's party!
Mark, wish I lived closer sounds like a "Hoot" as they say in these parts. Enjoy! Pictures if you can showing the car and those still standing after 24 hours!
Hi Mark
Put me down. Sounds like you know how to organise things. Only slight problem is its snowing here in France, the roads are impassable and the airports closed. So I suppose I won't be able to make it. Never mind. I'll have to wait until June for our little party here in Le Mans.