Roush 427IR: Camshaft & Distributor Gears FAILURE

Hi all,

Well I've received all the parts to rebuild my engine and that's done now.

The engine / gearbox / transaxle are in the car since yesterday. For info it took me 2 days with my father to do the job.

Now I cannot go ahead because I have questions about the distributor:

I've got an Accel DFI solution in my car including the 77207 Accel distributor.

As the 351W needs to be set with 10° advance instead of setting the TDC to 0° for cylinder #1 I set TDC + 10° for cylinder on the damper pulley.

I inserted the distributor in the engine and have seen 2 leds (one blue and one red) ON.

Is it normal ? Does it mean that I'm ok with distributor settings and I can just plug the spark plugs wires and try to start the engine ?

Thanks for your replies I really would like to start the engine asap.