Rubber thingy..

Where to get these?
Ill assume its a rubber kind of thingy, I have no idea

Need two as apparently I am missing these in my build. Didn't came with the abandoned project..
Rear clip fixture - locators or how do you call them?

Picture is not from my car. (thanks Geert Jan)

Ian Anderson

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I presume it is some sort of thing used for locating the body, if so perhaps these that Flatchat / Chris makes will do the job



Mortified GT
.....or just cut a piece of ally to suit if you have that slot in the bodywork and bolt on, or use two locating ally cones instead...

Brian Kissel

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I bought the ones Ian posted from Chris. The quality of them is fantastic and shipping to the states was very quick, but that was before the pandemic. First class parts for sure, and definitely a good guy to deal with.

Regards Brian
I have the slots for the long ones in the rear clip, just missing the locators. So just the cones won't work unless I cut the rear clip and re fibreglass it.
GTD refered to them as "Tobbler bars" and they werer made of a grey plastic. You can probably get them from Mark Sibley - of MDA - if you can locate him. You might also try Andy Sheldon at Tornado Cars
You can probably buy a bar of delrin (or equivalent) and make a set yourself if you can't source it from Andy/Ian. Delrin is beautiful stuff to machine,drill etc.