S7 Transaxle

I was at this weekends' POC "Tribute to LeMans" at Willow Springs Raceway. They had on display a Saleen S7. The transaxle looked very long between the motor and the differential as if the gears were located in between. It seems configured similar to a Porsche 928 transaxle with the motor coupled to the front. If this is the case, it would not lend itself to a GT40. Does anyone have any insights on this transaxle and its' layout?

BTW, also on display were an Enzo, Lambo, and and an Aston Martin. The pits were filled with a bunch of...well, Porsches.

Hi Andy, I have a friend that used to work for Saleen on the S7, as a engineer . When I told him I am considering building a GT40 we talked about mechanicals. He mentioned dealing with RBT and I assumed that was the gearbox supplier. I have pics from The ALMS Miami race of the car but its hard to see the gearbox well from the side pics. I'd post one but it would never work with my crummy website . /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif regards, Dan
I am reasonably sure the S7 uses a RBT-6 speed. Which is about 2" longer then the 5 speed ZF with the additional length added to the rear area (after the diff).

I will post photos of my RBT-5 speed when it arrives.