Sean's RCR 40

Back in December, after completing the running and testing of all of the electrical I got the news that my ZF transaxle was finally ready for pickup. It was a long wait but honestly it was perfect timing for me, because I really didn't need it until I had mocked everything up ahead of time. I finished mocking up the exhaust and modified the firewall to make room for the water pump. I kept it simple and just cut around the water pump, forced the aluminum out for clearance and then fiber glassed the opening I had made. After that I pulled out the motor, and began the long process of getting it all back together. It took a while and there were a few speed bumps along the way but within a couple weeks I fired it up for the first time.

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Did I correctly interpret your post? You built the exhaust?

Fantastic work!! I may need to pick your brain.

No, I didn't build the exhaust I did all of the mock up and measuring and sent it off to be made. I had GP Headers out of Minnesota build it. They do fantastic work to say the least.
Shifter Install and Suspension Alignment

After installing the engine and getting it running I did the install of the shifter. I ordered another set of the parking brake brackets from RCR and modified them to bolt to the shifter housing, so that I could attach the shifter to the floor. It took a while to set the cables correctly and find all of the gears but after some much appreciated help from Chris Kouba, I got everything dialed in.

Over the last couple of weeks I knocked out the alignment on the front and rear suspension. For the time being I have the ride height set at just shy of 4 inches in the front and rear. I went with the RCR recommended specs on Caster, Camber and Toe. I utilized the Quick Trick Extreme kit to dial everything in as well as setting up a string on jack stands to check the front vs. the rear. Overall it wasn't too complicated of a task. I've aligned hundreds of vehicles but the GT was obviously much more time consuming as you have to unbolt the control arms to make adjustments... After everything was adjusted I took it on a little drive around the neighborhood to see how everything felt. It was an awesome experience to finally be shifting gears in the car.

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