Hi, I am looking for seats, but don't want the typical replica one, looking for a more racing-type of seat. Does anyone have recommendation for me? Any experience with the Tillett "w" seats? Thanks, Udo
Just got mine in leather from Southern GT. Really nice and you sit tight and low in them.

Remember the limited space in the gt40 so normal bucket race seats can be tight to fit in.


Thanks Jonas, I also build a SGT, and good to hear the seats work. I am alternatively still seeking for a bit more contoured seat. Thanks anyway.
What I went with.

Needed to cut the top down 3" so they fully incline (should anyone want to do so) and the passenger side has to be narrowed.

Very nice seats BTW.


Hallo Udo, hast Du mittlerweile Sitze gefunden, ich hätte welche übrig, wenn Du mir Deine E-Mail Adresse an heimei88(at) sendest, kann ich Bilder und Preisvorstellung senden.
Grüsse aus Köln, Manfred
Hallo Udo, habe genau diese Sitze von Intatrim in schwarz mit blauen Keder und Nähten, in der Kopfstütze ist "GT40" in Blau eingestickt.
Grüsse, Manfred
Hallo Udo,
habe vielleicht vergessen zu erwähnen, die Sitze sind zu verkaufen.
Wenn Interesse besteht, PN an mich.