SGT / Lee Dawson dash fitting

Ed McClements

I am starting on trial body and dash fitting and have found that when the dashboard top sits flat on the upper part of the chassis, the ends of the dashboard which extend down to the sill are way off vertical. Since a picture paints a thousand words, here are 2000-words-worth...



Maybe the dash has been sitting too long after purchase (two years ago) and has deformed, or...? What is your experience....should I cut and re-glass the upright sections? Or apply some pressure with, say, ratchet straps and heat up the dash, hoping it'll pull back into shape?
Heatgun would do the trick, heat it up and form.
Just aply some presure, and when its hot enough it will deform easy in its new shape. So no need for to much heat.
Cool down with a wet towel inmidiatly when its in form. After cool down you can release pressure and usualy it stays in its new shape.

I had to reshape my spider & door tops this way.
For this I used infrared lamps used by paintshops.
Hi Ed you need to trim the vertical flange that sits under the centre section also the dash top needs a little tension on it when you push the vertical legs of the dash in to meet the chassis otherwise the dash will squeak . Regards Mick.