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Looks like they have some nice options. Wish I would have found this earlier, I'm on my third shift knob.

HCF - John

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I had Jarrett make a new engraving to match the Graziano shift pattern. He was great to work with.

If you order one, please mention it's for an SLC and you saw John B applauding it. No financial ties to me, but I'd like him to know his going the extra mile was noticed and appreciated.


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Stephan E.

Thank you Allan,

Super nice shift knobs matching the Graziano shift pattern. I'll get one!



Jared V

Is the factory adapter and shift pattern for an Audi R8 compatible with the Graziano in a GT-R? So can you order a knob for an R8 and have it fit the GT-R?

Jared V

Thanks for the info. I ordered a GT-R last month that I will have RCR build the majority of. I wish I had the time to build it myself but its just not realistic and would take me forever. I am envious of how talented the guys are on this site and really enjoy reading the build threads. I have many ideas in my head from this forum.