SL-C Center console question

This is the center console I was given a few years back to paint for this project and I noticed over the weekend that something just didn't look right. Is this the correct piece for this application? Or does this piece need to be heavily modified and re-painted to fit this application. If this insnt the correct piece or it needs to be modified I am unclear of why I was given this piece to paint.




Steven Lobel

Those stripes line up on the back of the tub. Looks like maybe they changed to the newer shift gate. Hard to tell the cutout for the shifter. Also, no cup holders?
Yes, I painted everything together a while back before I even received the car. This isnt my car or my build I am just the "painter" I just don't see how this console fits over the shifter and e-brake without heavy modifications. I guess I would have assumed this was all fit together before I was told to paint it. Just frustrating.


Joel K

Ryan, the console is the one supplied with the interior tub. It was designed to fit the original shifter which is very narrow. The new shifter is designed to be offset. I believe the reason for that is only one side of the console will need to be modified to accommodate the new wider shifter.

BTW, beautiful work on the console. Unfortunately it will need rework.

I reworked the bracket to center it on the spline.
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Unless the builder wants to go back to the original ungated shifter. Builder probably went with the Graziano gearbox.
For what is worth, this is what I did to modify the original console , I did like the profile and how it curves , I created the shape I wanted with clay, and made a mold. I added some foam so that it supports the right elbow nicely , no cup holders, I will add those next to the doors . I hope this is helpful, not too many people decided to modify the original console to fit the gate shifter and I totally see why, massive job. A lot more details available on my build ., happy to answer questions, good luck


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