SLC Dash and Gauges

Has anyone used different gauges in the slc? I know it requires changing the dash for more gauges. I searched and found interiors but gauges seem to be the same mostly the koso unit.
Hi Mahlon, if you want ”real” guages, check out
You can design you own guages.
Myself, I’m using the Aim strada.
I would most likely gone with own design Speedhut gauges if I known about them earlier.
Aim is not that bad, you can get loads of info to the display via can bus from your Ecu.
Thanks Johan I looked up the aim strada I am probable going for individual gauges like speedhuts and will custom build the dash to accommodate them. I will look at Cam's
Mahlon - check out this video for aim Strada (about 6:00 in for start of interior):

Pic here:

And here:

I believe Dan Carter May have gone with speedhut analog gauges, ping him for some photos of his setup.

I like the Aim/digital unit because all your data is in one place and you can get a TON more data in a small space. The Aim unit lets you configure multiple pages so you can have one for bare essentials/track, street, and diagnostic. It’s not often you want something like throttle position but if you’re troubleshooting it’s nice to have that available. You can also see raw voltage versus output - again, great for troubleshooting.
Is that your car Howard? That's more what I am talking about I'm not going to use the motorcycle cluster I have. I'm more old school and I like the speed hut gauges

Dan Carter


I did indeed go old school......I like “steam gauges”. Under my build blog post 334 I included a pic of my dash. I went simple. Speed and tach. One quad gauge with temp, oil pressure, volts and fuel. I have digital in aircraft and another car, and for this old war horse, it’s data overload, so simple worked for me.
Hit me with IM if you want more info.
Thanks Dan! I am re-designing my dash and cockpit area for more my style. We are re-doing the roll bar to fit tighter to the a-post and I plan on changing the dash to accommodate different gauges. I like the two that you have set up, for me that would be the minimum. I am getting older I would have to see about the quad gauge in a ten inch diameter for my eyesight. I have the old style gauges in my plane and race cars and I just like the style and looks..................m

Howard Jones

Yes that's my SLC. Complete gauge set, all systems separate on/off switch and indicated on light, all systems protected with individual circuit breaker, and that's the electric water pump controller to the left of the steering wheel. Lights on top of dash are L-R, shift light, red-low oil pressure, blue-high water temp. The little black box is the GPS antenna. Lower left panel is, master electrical off/on, and fire system pull.

I pretty much drive the car from the idiot light panel on track with a quick look at the gauges on the straights. System gauges are orientated with nominal reading = needle straight up.
I think that's the ticket Howard, I will look at your build thread again. I don't remember what type of wiring you used but I think I am going to step away from rcr's system and start with the systems I usually use. I re-bent the front roll bar hoop yesterday to tuck it tighter to the a-post I will get the cage all sorted and mocked up and then figure the dash layout. Thank's......................m