FS USA Small Block Ford 8 Stack Fuel Injection

8 stack fuel injection for small block Ford. This is an individual throttle body (ITB) set up with 8 throttle bodies and butterflies. Made by SpeedMaster.

Very well made, and ready to be installed. Brand new, with all the parts you need other than the ECU, injectors and idle valve. Includes: fuel rails, TPS (throttle position sensor), manifold pressure sensor, water temp sensor, air temp sensor, manifold gasket, and throttle adjuster. You will need the ECU (such as FAST 2.0) and injectors correct for you small block displacement. This is plug-n-play with the FAST 2.0 ECU.

This system improves hp, throttle response and gas mileage compared to a Holley four barrel. Lots of information about this system on YouTube, see

I installed one of these on a SBF 347 and was so impressed I bought a second complete package.

$1,200. No offers. Please let me know of any questions. Thanks for looking.


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