***SOLD*** KCCGT40 Mk1 Gulf 1075 Tribute ***SOLD***


Hi all...

Decided to sell my KCC GT40 as I am lucky enough to have upgraded my GT40 passion to a CAV.

For those unaware the KCC is the South African version of the UK KVA replica, the earliest of the replicas of the great GT40 Marque.

This is a sound entry level car that is not for the shy and retiring as it is a very authentic looking tribute in the truly Iconic colours that even non Classic car people recognise.

I am including some details below and happy to answer any questions you might have. Because I really don't want to deal with a private sale I have decided to sell the car via Silverstone Auctions in May. This will establish a fair market value for the car and I won't have to deal with tire kickers. I have set a very sensible reserve and the car is priced to sell.

I have had the car in the garage this past winter for a good mechanical overhaul and she is running perfectly and will be a reliable stop traffic show car. Importantly the suspension is set up so she actually can be used on UK roads ( she will get over speed humps....!!! ).... So in conclusion if you are looking for a stunning looking/sounding 1075 Tribute car that is mechanically sound and useable then she is well worth consideration.

The car featured on a South African TV show prior to export in 2018, please copy and paste the U Tube link below to view.

Kind regards

Marcus 07881433405

1988 KCC GT40 Build No. 051

A replica of arguably the most famous racing car of all time...the Ford GT40 1075 the only car to have won the Le Mans 24 hour race twice, 1968/9.
Correctly titled as a KCC GT40 on the V5 this car was imported from South Africa in 2018 by the present owner. The car is the South African version of the British KVA design conceived in the 1980's by Ken Vincent Atwell an Ex Ford Engineer who had permission to take mould's from original Ford GT40’s to produce his design. Atwell licensed his design to KCC in Johannesburg South Africa. This Tribute car has the exact replica of the Le Mans wide body rear clan shell featuring the widened arches.
The car utilises Ford front and rear suspension components married to a tubular steel chassis. Please note the rear suspension is an upgrade on the original Ford Granada design. Dampers are adjustable Gax shocks all around.
This car is running a very desirable period correct 1968 V8 5 litre Ford 302 Windsor motor for the GT40 which is a standard configuration. The engine is mated to a 5 speed Audi Turbo gearbox and clutch which is a very standard set up for very many GT40 replica cars.
To aid performance the car uses a new Street warrior inlet manifold and new Four barrel 600cfm Weber Carb. The car is tuned and set up to make it a very easy turn key, usable, street car drive.
Other mechanical features include the bundle of snakes exhaust system unique to GT40’s which makes the car sound like a V8 should. This exhaust system has been ceramic coated to help cooling. There are twin auxiliary cooling fans fitted in the rear engine to aid air flow/cooling. Wheels are 3 part 15 inch Compromotive split rims.
The car features a heater and also has the benefit of air conditioning and to aid rear vision the car is fitted with a rear mounted camera, a very useful benefit on such a low wide bodied car.
Other original GT40 features include an original set of full SMITHS GT40 instruments with traditional 180 mph mechanical Speedo to add to the 1960’s authentication. The cockpit benefits from 4 point racing harness for driver and passenger, immobilizer with push button start, bucket seats with GT40 eyelets with GT40 Aluminum Sill badging.
On the exterior all decals are a replica of 1075 GT40 with the addition of reversing light, fog lights, original helicopter style window vents. The car also has the major additional feature of a glass rear window which an extremely rare find on a early GT40 replica.
The present owner was advised and saw receipts to confirm the engine had a top end rebuild prior to shipment from South Africa by renowned V8 specialist Willie Hepburn in 2017.
Recent mechanical work on the car included a full service with new plugs, oil, filter, electronic points, coil and HT leads. The car has a new MOT till 21/12/ 2021.
The seats are currently set in a fixed seating position for a driver 6'3" however as all GT40 Owners know upon purchase you will adjust a fixed seating position set up to suit yourself.
This car is not for the shy retiring type, it literally stops traffic….…If you are looking for a turnkey usable very accurate entry level GT40 replica that pays homage to the famous 1075 Le Mans winner then this car is a must see.
The car is being sold by a member of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club in GB and the reason for sale is a genuine upgrade after three years of ownership to a CAV GT40.
( Please note the number plate will be retained for owners new GT40 and is not included in the sale ).
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Have had a request for some better pictures.....sorry I'm no professional photographer but got her out of the garage today and did my best......!!


Hi there thanks for the interest..... The car will go live on the Silverstone Auction UK website from this weekend for the May 22nd sale.....pictures were taken yesterday that do the car more justice than my poor amateur efforts...!!!....

I believe the bidding will start somewhere around £35-£38k the car is priced to sell and at auction everyone has a fair opportunity if interested.

Any specific questions you would like answered then I am happy to respond.

Kind regards