***SOLD*** SLC for Sale (sold)***SOLD***

I have been doing little things on my SLC for years and have finally come to conclusion that I will probably not have time to finish it in the foreseeable future. I have a race car team and two cars to maintain, plus work, plus kids, plus wife duties, plus, plus, plus. I purchased the SLC kit, 2011, with the full Carbon Fiber interior package, ram lift kit and street tail in white.

I had a vision of what I wanted and basically have purchased all the items over the years to get there. I would say I am about 1/2 way done with the build and it is not running just yet, but close. A good portion of the design work is done. I wanted a high revving engine and know Toyotas well, which lead me to put in the a 1zufe from a Lexus SC400. 4.0L v8 DOHC with cam on bucket design is ideal for higher rpms and the engine is very overbuilt with a forged crank, 6 bolt mains and overall great design. I have this same engine type, 3mz, that uses all the same valvetrain parts, that revs to 9,000.

It is also mated to a Quaife full sequential 6 speed LSD transaxle, Quaife LSD shifter with cable and gear indicator. Custom Assco flywheel, RCR adapter, Tilton twin disc clutch and Tilton release bearing. You only need to use the clutch to start and stop and it shifts crazy fast. I have been into bikes forever and the idea of having a full sequential trans like a motorcycle had me wanting to go in that direction. The engine is twin turbo with Borg Warner EFR turbos for very fast spool up and long term higher rpm capabilities and not run out of air. I made a custom TIG welded alum sheet metal intake manifold with velocity stacks inside at the correct plenum size. The stock manifold is the biggest bottleneck on the engine as it was made for 2K rpm. This intake is designed for higher rpms and to open up the hp potential. My goal was to do it in two stages. The stage I, which is what it is now, is for 10-14 psi and have 500-550rwhp and stage II would be with custom cams, shimless buckets, forged con rods and pistons. Then I would rev to 8500rpm with 18psi and have 600-700rwhp. I will share all my information on the engine and specs on what to do for stage II. I have the engine/trans mounted in the car, made custom SS hard coolant lines, rad is mounted with fans, coolant hoses and lines figured out, all oil lines are an fittings and fuel lines, accusump, oil cooler and trans cooler. Fuel fill up hoses and fittings are purchased. The fuel system uses a walbro lift pump to WIX filter system to a Radium Surge tank with high flow pump and FPR built it. It is a slick setup and I made custom fuel rails to make it all work. I used 1,000cc injector dynamics fuel injectors as they are controllable for idle, but also plenty enough flow long term to high rpm and boost without going static. I made a custom engine harness and it mates to a MS3pro, though I did decide to put a DBW TB and get a CTS pedal as I was going to use an EMU Black ecu instead. The MS3 pro custom engine harness is complete and could be used if you go with that ecu. The engine headers are custom made to fit the turbos with 8 EGT bung setup if needed and a 3" downpipe to dual muffler setup. It has dual air to air intercoolers with fans and inlet piping is powdercoated as well as the rear X member. I did the Gold heat tape on the rear chassis and firewall as well.
I took the calipers apart and had them powdercoated in yellow with custom brembo stickers and rebuilt with all new seals. I read people had the wilwood brake reserves leak so I got the Tilton brake/clutch reserve. I did make the pedals move back and forth via a linear actuator as I am short guy and wanted to make it driveable for all. It is a pretty nice setup and I have a video to show if you want. On the body I wanted a more modern headlight configuration and purchased a set of Jaguar F type headlight assemblies, but the body is not cut and stock now. I also got the wire connectors and terminals from the UK. I have not seen anyone do that light setup, but it will fit the SLC very nice with the same type of curve that goes with the hood. I have not cut up the stock clam yet and the stock SLC lights and setup will come with it also. For rear taillights I was going to use the C7 vette lights and they come as well if you want to use those instead of stock, but it also comes with the stock SLC taillights and the body was not modified for them yet. This will give you choices of what you will want to do.

Wheels and tires are 20" Stance SF03 wheels with Continental DW 335/25/20 and 285/30/20 tires in the ZO6 sizing. It has the QA1 stock shock setup and I was going to upgrade the springs, I just have not gotten to it yet. Interior I did get to yet, but having the full carbon package will make it easy. I was planning on getting an AIM PNP dash, but I still have the stock cluster it came it.

I figure I have spent 85-90K on all the parts I have purchased and I am sure I have forgotten some items on my list, see the list below. I am asking $60K for it all. You can email at [email protected]
Total parts cost so far
$ 85,440
SLC kit- street tail
$ 43,000​
Carbon interior kit
$ 2,000​
body cut out
$ 2,000​
Ram lift kit
$ 1,000​
Quaife seq LSD 6sp trans
$ 16,000​
$ 1,000​
tilton twin disc
$ 750​
tilton release bearing
$ 250​
Quaife SEQ shifter and cable
$ 800​
Quaife gear indicator
$ 200​
$ 100​
powder coated brembos
$ 200​
water pipes welded
$ 250​
Stance 20" wheels
$ 1,600​
Conti DW tires
$ 1,000​
Corvette steering wheel
$ 100​
pedals move
$ 200​
tilton brake fluid res
$ 150​
brake lines
$ 50​
wilwood parking calipers
$ 150​
throttle cable
$ 150​
new seats from RCR
$ 400​
jag F type headlights
$ 750​
jag F type connector
$ 100​
C7 taillights
$ 400​
C7 taillights connector
$ 50​
1uzfe engine
$ 750​
1uzfe new water pump
$ 100​
$ 75​
AC compressor
$ 75​
custom headers
$ 750​
BW EFR turbos
$ 3,700​
$ 150​
$ 150​
muffler tips
$ 50​
$ 1,500​
fuel rail
$ 250​
fuel injectors ID 1000cc
$ 1,000​
coolant tank
$ 50​
oil blow by tank
$ 25​
$ 200​
oil cooler
$ 75​
trans cooler
$ 50​
oil an lines and fittings
$ 750​
Radium surge tank/pump/FPR
$ 700​
lift pump
$ 100​
fuel filters
$ 80​
fuel an lines
$ 250​
$ 500​
$ 150​
intercooler fans
$ 60​
intercooler pipes
$ 150​
intercooler pipes powdercoated
$ 100​
cross X brace powdercoated
$ 50​
$ 500​
brake pads upgraded
$ 450​
FYI- the body is fine, it is just dirty from tape from shipment from years ago.


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Troy, Sorry to hear that you are selling this. INMO, That is a good price for all you have included. Good luck with the sale.

Regards Brian
Troy, Sorry to hear that you are selling this. INMO, That is a good price for all you have included. Good luck with the sale.

Regards Brian
I have been pondering selling it for 6 months now. I just dismantled my old race car and starting a new one right now for my winter project and it finally hit me that I am not going to get time to finish it until I retire, in 10 years. I usually do a months work of work on it in January and this year that time it taken up by the new race car. I feel it is a good price for all I have in it for sure and I think it will be a very nice car when done for sure.

What state are you in?
Can you send me a walk around video?
Send me an email with your cell and I can send it over that way. It is in the shop and not very clean. I also have a good portion of the parts in my basement and can take picture of the carbon interior, yet it is still in all the bubble wrap even after all these years.
Here are some more pictures I took this morning. I put the rear clam on and plexi to get a feel for what it would look like when done. I really like how the view will be through the rear plexi.


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One more thing. I did buy vinyl wrap for it in green. That can come with it is also. I thought it would look stunning with this green on it.


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I did receive the question as to if it was running yet and it is not and sorry that I did not specifically state that above and edited it to say that it is not running yet. Though I do think it is not that far off to be running. If it was running I would probably not be selling it and if I was it would certainly be at a much higher price. I just have not gotten to that point yet and who knows when I will have to time to do it. I did make the engine harness for the MS3pro and then changed my mind to go with the EMU black, but needed to make a new engine harness for that. If someone wanted to use the MS3Pro you could get one and use it if wanted. I have a DBW TB and also a cable TB with the cable from the gas pedal to the TB so the choice would be yours.
I should be able to that today. I can unwrap it and take some pictures/video. It is not installed yet and still in the bubble wrap.

BTW- I have had some offers so far, one for 45K and one for 50K. I said a quick no to both. I am not in a rush to sell it and if I do not I will get to it someday. I get wanting to get a deal on it, but please do not come in and low ball me to the point of being insulting. I think the 60K asking price or really close is more than fair as a kit price now is $48K with no options and I have 85K+ in parts and items alone.

On the other note, I want to say this again as it is not running yet, but pretty close. I have received that question a few times also. It would need the wiring done, fluids installed and buttoned up on that front. If I had it running it would be a driving SLC and I would be asking a lot more for it if I was even wanting to sell it at that point. I am thinking if I had it running I would be really inspired to keep it, but that takes time I never seem to find. If it does not sell and I get to in the spring or summer and have the time I will get it running. I would expect the price to be higher if I decided to sell it as a running and driving SLC at the time, but would probably keep it if that close to completion.
Here are some of the interior carbon pieces. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they in stored in the basement and the lighting is not good, plus the trying to take a picture of something black like this is hard, but you should get the idea of what they are.


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Hey Troy,
Didn't you build a Toyota based Mini Cooper or something? If I have the right guy would you mind posting some shots of the car finished (are pics posted elsewhere)?


Nice components on your SLC, all the best finding the right buyer.
I still have my MiniMR2. I like the idea of an old school mini that has a v6 mid engine that looks like interesting. I would say good, but it seems that you either love it or hate it. I took a 91 MR2 and did an engine swap with a camry v6, I then cut the body off and cut the chassis in half to shorten the wheelbase by 6". I got a fiberglass front clam that are longer made for the honda swap front ends. I got a 1962 Austin Mini from and Ebay auction for $800 and was really bad for rust, but I wanted the outside shape, doors, etc. I then put the Mini body on the car and used two part foam all over to make the fender flares, side skirts, bumpers, etc. Lots and Lots of carving, then hand layed all the fiberglass weave and resin on it. After, lots of sanding, cutting, body filler and more sanding. It is like 95% done and drives, just some little cosmetic items to finalize. Right now it needs a new starter, but it does drive and is fun. It is so crazy small. The one in black is one of my favorite pictures as it shows the size of the mini, yes, it is that tiny. My wife thinks it is stupid and calls it a clown car. Of course that makes me like it more.


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Hi Tony,

OK I am biased, like a significant number or British teenagers of a certain age my first car was a Mini. Have to disagree with your wife, clown car I think not! between 1960 and 1972 the mini won 32 rallies around the world, including three wins at Monte Carlo. Ask Paddy Hopkirk or the Italians if they think it is a clown car. :D
Hi Tony,

OK I am biased, like a significant number or British teenagers of a certain age my first car was a Mini. Have to disagree with your wife, clown car I think not! between 1960 and 1972 the mini won 32 rallies around the world, including three wins at Monte Carlo. Ask Paddy Hopkirk or the Italians if they think it is a clown car. :D
The only bad part is I get a lot of crap from the Mini enthusiast as they want it all original. The good thing is this car was so rusted and bad it would have never been restored so I saved it in a way. The entire bottom was rusted out, interior was terrible, engine a giant rusted lunk of steel, etc. It sat in a field for like 20 years. I just saved the body, doors, boot, some latches and some glass. The nice thing is that the MKI mini you can get most of the latches and all from moss mini. I do like the slide side windows though in MKI. I have yet to take it to a cars and coffee and see peoples reaction when they know what it was and what I turned it into.