Mike Pass

Attached is a spreadsheet that I did some time ago to get an idea of what a GT40 would cost to build excluding labour. I have put in some reasonable prices taken from various sources. You can change the costs and it will tot them up for you. You can make them for less or a hell of a lot more dependent on budget and ease of hiding from wife/girlfriend.
The only problem with this is that you will have to stop deluding yourself about what you are spending! Hope you find it useful/interesting.


Seems very low. especially in the areas of engine,wheels, tires and paint. I don't know of anywhere you can get pin drive wheels for $1000.00. It cost me $15k for the body and paint works. I just paid $1k for a spare windshield. Shocks the list just goes on. I have close to $130k into mine not counting labor. unless of course this is the list you give to the wife.

Mike Pass

I guess it depends on where you get the bits from. I know two people building GT40s. One should be done for about £15,000 and the other about £70,000 (parts only). Depends how you wheel and deal for used parts etc. and how fancy you want it to be. Pop your prices in and read the good or bad news!
Seems very low. especially in the areas of engine,wheels, tires and paint. I don't know of anywhere you can get pin drive wheels for $1000.00. It cost me $15k for the body and paint works. I just paid $1k for a spare windshield. Shocks the list just goes on. I have close to $130k into mine not counting labor. unless of course this is the list you give to the wife.
Lloyd, firstly the list in UK pounds. So, approximately $1500 for pin drive wheels.
Secondly, Vintage Wheels sells a set of four four about $1100, with a complete set
of wheels, adapters, lug pins and spinners for $1700. Mike's spreadsheet has
1000UK for wheels and 250UK for spinners, 1250UK total, or about $1875. So, he's
pretty spot on. As for the rest, a quick glance shows it pretty comparable to, say
Tornado's price sheet.

i still question the total amount. pounds to dollars 38770=$54917.69 based on todays conversions. Who has built a gt40 for anywhere near this amount.

Howard Jones

I did. Damn near right on. The difference is in the things I did twice and the extra cost for a very upgraded gearbox sent to England and back. Call it $58K-58500. Nearly no labor in that number.
Actually,there have been a few completed or nearly completed cars for sale here or on ebay not too far from that figure.

Howard Jones

Lloyd, They really are all different. ERA's were the most expensive GT40's on the market when I bought my GTD as a kit 10 years ago. I figured it was gonna be 80 grand then to do one (ERA) so I did what I could afford to do. I'm happy with the result but ERA's are still more valuable cars today in my opinion. 100K plus really isn't out of the ballpark with the good parts you have in your car. I have always believed that you can get pretty much get the sum of the parts for a car if it isn't too far over the top. The exception is the cost for paint. Nobody wants to pay for someones else's taste in paint. $15K in a paint job is worth a couple of thou at best apon resale.
As does mine. I have close to $140K into mine, but thats with paying someone else for labor. Next, I'd like to put on stack injection which will probably bring me up to $150K. Unfortunately, I guess the market value is maybe $75k in the current economic situation. Maybe.

I know it will never be confused with the higher end replica, but having bought probably every used and surplus GTD40 part in the UK plus those in the States, plus the parts I bought on EBay, have hade made, have made, borrowed, begged, have been given as gifts and exchanged for favors, I'll probably have somewher in the low 30s into mine when it's on the road.



Mike Pass

I forgot that some people won't have MS Excel so here is a text copy.
GT 40 Costs (all in UK £)

AP clutch (3 part) 400
Slave cylinder, pipes 80

Braking system
Bias pedal box, reservoirs 600
AP 4pot front disks, bells etc. 1100
Wilwood 4 pot rear with int h/brake 300
Braided hoses, fittings etc. 300

Cooling system
Radiator alloy 400
SS pipes and silcone hoses 300
Twin rad fans 140

Fuel system
Twin alloy tanks
Twin pumps 120
Twin filter/regulators 140
Braided hoses and fittings 250

Two eyelet seats leather 1200
Gauges, speedo etc. 600
Switches etc. 100

Electrical system
Wiring loom 250
Battery 70
Headlights 250
Tail, plate lights etc 200
W/wiper, motor 80
Washer system 80

Air con/heater system
Compressor 200
Aircon/heatbox 500
Pipes and connectors 200
Rad, switch, dryer etc. 300
Fill up, test etc 50
Demister vent 70

Hardware 200
Sealants glue etc 200

TOTAL 38770

Very interesting to hear what these things are costing for real. My second GTD stands me well north of £20,000 and still buying. Lots of used parts used as well and also paint to factor in yet.


Those are some good numbers.

I have taken the liberty to use your figures for engine and paint.

All up TS40 Kit ....... 28,000
Engine with Webers....7,500

Total less VAT............39,000

Or for us USD guy's, about $55,800


15k for body and paint work. I don't do body work. When these cars come out of the molds they need a lot of work to make them look good. I wanted a black car therefore the body had to be perfect. I'm sure a re-spray would be much cheaper. Besides who wouldn't want a black car with ghost stripes i hear black is the fastest.


You have to remember, an ERA kit starts at $54,900, and you still need extras
before engine, transaxle, wheels and paint are figured in. Based upon ERA's price list:

Crossover exhaust - $2500
Spax dampers/springs - $1200 ($600/pair)
Front/rear sway bars - $700 ($350 ea)
Steering rack/gear - $400
Brake calipers and pads - $1600
Interior incl seats, gauges, etc. - $4000
Cibies - $800
Wiper - $375

So, you're already at $66,400 - and there is still much to do. Toss in $10K for a
rebuilt ZF, $2500 for wheels and tires, $12K for engine, and you're at $90,900
without paint/prep, and probably still missing a few items. ERAs have premium
cost, but as Howard points out, they are a different beast - most of the work
is already done, and they have a high reputation for quality (and resale value),
probably still better than Superformance.

Ok ok i stand corrected. My Experience with GT40's included the SF and the ERA. I went with the ERA for the reputaion and for the fact they are 20 mins from my house. My criteria was to be able to buy everything from one source. Know that the combination of parts were going to work well together. I guess i have more money than time to go thru the trials of buying parts all over the country. The other criteria was no fabrication. Everything bolted on. I can turn a wrench just don't have the workshop to fabricate.
So i guess you can build a car for far less if you are the right person.. I take my hat off to you guys that build a car for half the price of mine. You did a lot of work to manage your funds, But don't give the impression its easy. These cars are tough enough to built doing it on a budget makes it much more complicated.
Many of the GT40 parts are very expensive and unique to the car.

For a totaly different take on costs, when the knockers say `that must have cost a fortune` I tell them that it cost less than the average drinker / smokers spends in the 5 years that it took to build. At least if I am `pissed` with the results at the end, I still have something to show and sell.
In reality cost is only relevant to income.


Mike Pass

One of my all time favourite cars. Excellent work Russell - a real credit to your efforts. You have got to love those trumpets sticking up into the breeze. I really like the look of the original cars with the giant odd length multicoloured trumpets. I have a video I took at Silverstone with two M8s and 15 Lola T70s doing a rolling start - the noise was fantastic! You can't really beat 850hp in a car the size of a roller skate.
How much money and hours do you have in the car? Or does the wife look at the forum?