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I saw this car at No Reserve auction on eBay Two days ago. The thing is, One day before auction end-at $52,000-The seller ended the auction. ???????????
I was bidding as well...high bidder at the time he took it off. Would not even want the car now no matter what price given the way he handled the auction.



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The guy is on the FordGTForum. Has anyone offered him $85k? I detected a hint of sarcasm in his post raising the price... maybe was being low balled by tire kickers. If he offered it for $85k and an offer was made for that amount and then he backed out, that would be in very poor taste.
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I don't think any harm was done, the seller still has the car, and buyers are still looking. I've made some offers in the last 6 months, the sellers (except one) still have the car, and I wound up buying a new CTS-V. Still in the market, but currently not making any more offers. That is just how a market system works, but in this economy, the sellers are looking at less potential buyers, so should exercise a williness to meet a depressed price.
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Wow, I haven't checked this thread in a while....

Here's the deal guys - We needed cash FAST, so I put the car on ebay & CL to raise that cash. All the while prepared to sell the car for whatever reasonable offer I could get - 80k, 85K whatever. Ok, this next part gets tricky so if your one of the guys in the knitting club, put your needles down & follow me here -

WE RESOLVED THE NEED FOR IMMEDIATE CASH without having to sell this GT40 that we absolutely LOVE.

There's one "issue" with the car - it's left hand drive. If we could sell it for what we could buy or build a right hand drive car, that would be an acceptable senario. This is the reason for the admittedly high "retail" price. I'm certainly not trying to trick anyone into buying the car for 130k, nor am I actively trying to sell it. It's an awesome car & we are fortunate to be able to keep it.

So, naysayers - Please tell me what I should have done in this situation.
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Jeff, here's what you should do in the situation if you don't mind me saying....

If you offer a car for sale at a certain price which is a reasonable and attractive price, then you can expect you will generate interest and expectations at that price. Other people (other than you) will expend time and energy in researching the vehicle, asking you questions, perhaps taking the time to come view it, and even perhaps making financing arrangements in anticipation of purchasing the vehicle.

If you quickly change your mind (whatever the reason is doesn't matter) and either increase the asking price or pull the vehicle then you've likely just wasted a bunch of other people's time. Best to be respectful of people who have done some of the above things based upon your offer of the car to the market at a certain price. It's just good manners and being decent. Calling them naysayers or any other less-than-complimentary label isn't good karma.

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Cliff has fully answered your post. Good for Cliff.

All your last post SCREAMED out was ME ME ME !!!!
All your points were to resolve your dilema, and f**k everyone else and their commitment and time involved.
How have you got to where you are in life by being so inconsiderate of others ?
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Since when did selling something become a charitable obligation? If you are selling something, you are foolish if you are not trying to get the best price you can for something. That's common sense and how the real world works. Unfortunately, this market has brought out the bottom feeders, whether its homes, cars, or whatever. If Jeff wants to sell, its his decision what he needs to get for the car. If he doesn't want to take a beating, (and 85k for this car is a beating), he's just going to have to wait and ride out the market. (probably at least a couple of years) Fortunately, it appears he now has the cash to do so. Good luck, Jeff.

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Sad to say it-

This is an extremely nice GT40, with several hundred hours spent sorting the chassis. Nothing left to do but drive & enjoy the car! No accidents, never smoked in, garage kept, etc. This car is very quick - weighing in at just 2,395 lb. and producing 538.5 hp at 5,900 rpm it boasts a very impressive power to weight ratio of 5.07 pounds per horsepower. So go ahead, race that guy in the Corvette ZR-1, or that new Lamborghini LP 570, just hold off if a Bugatti Veyron or McLaren F1 wants to tangle. You shouldn’t be street racing anyway... 

This car was driven & signed by Bob Bondurant at his Arizona facility in 2006, the sale will include photos of Mr. Bondurant driving & posing with the car.

As built by Superformance, this car was originally titanium with dual black stripes. The current markings replicate the livery of the #7 Alan Mann Racing GT40 (chassis number XGT-2) as driven by Graham Hill and Brian Muir in LeMans 1966. XGT-2 was replicated by Exoto in a die-cast 1:18 model. The modifications include painted bronze front wheels, a flat-black vinyl “wrap” nose, the correct size number “7” decals, and the rocker panel lettering “Alan Mann Racing, Byfleet, England”. I also have a set of NOS Ford roundel lights (extremely difficult to find) that have not been installed but are included in the sale. The body paint has not been altered in this project. If you wish to return the car to the original titanium with black stripes, you can simply peel off the vinyl markings. See one of the Picasa album links below for the livery conversion photos.
538hp, 533 lb-ft Torque 427ci (Windsor) Roush engine with Holly 4-barrel carburetor
Bundle of snakes exhaust
Left hand drive - center shift
Black Alcantara interior
Removable locking steering wheel
RBT 5-speed transaxle
Upgraded QA-1 Carrera double adjustable dampers with H&R springs on all four corners. Original non-adjustable dampers & springs are included.
Period look Avon CR6ZZ tires
Halibrand 15” wheels
MSD 6AL ignition
Willwood brakes
Air conditioning!
AZ car since new (2006)
Period correct aluminum “eyebrows” on the door openings
Period correct new-production spun-aluminum Talbot Berlin Junior locking mirrors – convex on both right and left side for excellent visibility.
Elf synthetic engine oil used after break in to current, changed annually in August.
Oddysey Battery with interior master switch
All original documents including Safir Engineering authentication letter, dyno test sheets, and Owner’s Manual.
I replaced the stock bulkhead plexiglass with tempered automotive glass. The tempered glass has two significant advantages, temperature reduction & the reduction of sound transmitted to the cabin. It’s really a nice upgrade. 

This is not a “track car” per-se, but was fully track prepped for an event in Pahrump, NV last year. This included a repack of all wheel bearings with Lucas synthetic grease; CV’s inspected & repacked using the best Bel-Ray grease available; four-wheel alignment; every suspension & brake component torqued and marked; chassis inspected for cracks / damage (none found); valves adjusted; heads re-torqued per Roush specs; fuel filters cleaned (it’s common to find metal shavings and other assembly materials in the fuel filters when a vehicle is new); fresh engine coolant; Motul RBF600 brake fluid; transaxle fluid was changed two years ago from original & will be good for many years to come. 

This is a continuation car built under license from the GT40 trademark holder, Safir Engineering. It is listed in the "World Registry of Cobras and GT40's" published by Shelby American Automobile Club 


Hundreds of detailed photos here -

(Copy & paste to your browser)

Conversion to Graham Hill 1966 LeMans livery (the current markings):

Original paint (and original mirrors):

At Phoenix International Raceway and Firebird Raceway, ID tags. (original markings):

Firebird Raceway (original markings):

Side-by-side comparison to the modern production Ford GT (original markings):

Video – with a Ford GT at Spring Mountain Raceway:
Ford GT & SPF GT40 at Spring Mountain on Vimeo

Asking $85,000
? For sale?
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