Springfield Street Rod

Charlie M

Looking around the internet for heat/AC systems and components, I came across Springfield Street Rod. They advertised some nice compact systems and components for reasonable prices so I ordered an AC compressor from them. My account was charged the next day so I assumed the unit shipped right out.

A week or so goes by so I call to check the status of the order. They tell me their order hasn't come in yet and it'll be another few days. Long story short, after a month-and-a-half and many phone calls, I canceled the order.

Then comes the challenge of getting reimbursed. Another week or two of phone calls and the same BS as before, and I turn it over to the bank.

A big mistake on my part was purchasing with a debit card. After so many positive experiences with the vendors I've dealt with in the past, I guess I had a false sense of security. I figured I was SOL but I called the bank anyway. The bank customer service person told me that they aggressively pursue fraudulent withdrawals and my chances of reimbursement were good. After about a week of the bank's fraud unit investigating, I got my money back.

I don't know what this vendor's situation is and maybe this is an isolated incident, but there are too many good vendors out there to have to put up with this sort of thing.

BTW, I ordered the same compressor from Summit. Their price was $20 more but I received it in two days.

Ain't it a shame you can't trust some of these people...seems like their business is just getting our money...Like my dad used to say "Jessie James needed a gun".
By the way have you ordered any more AC components?, I have done a few systems and have experience with a couple of sources. Most of the units are suspiciously similar, and that being the case I believe there are maybe 2 or 3 manufacturers out there, so price is definitely a deciding factor. Also The compressor I have used with good success is Sanden, Nice compact unit with good performance.
Hope you get your new unit without a hitch.

Charlie M

Thanks Phil. I'd be interested in whatever sources you've had experiences with.

The only component I've gotten so far is the compressor, a Sanden 508 from Summit. I needed the compressor now because I'm finishing up my engine and I needed to get the accessories mounted.

I've purchased several parts from Springfield....if they have it in stock, they ship promptly. If not...it goes into their backorder system, and that can take a while since they batch orders to get favorable pricing/freight terms from their suppliers. From now on I ALWAYS check their inventory before ordering.
Otherwise 4-6 week wait is not uncommon.