Steering collumb



I did not find a column that was the right size or sufficiently lightweight to suit my application. There is an offset with a short piece of tubing between the two u-joints so that will crumple in a straight-on impact.

Speaking of "impact", has anyone installed an impact switch in their build? The SCTA requires an impact switch if the car uses an electric fuel pump. That way the fuel pump won't continue to pour fuel out of a fractured line in an accident. What brought about this rule was a high-speed crash at Bonneville that caught fire. The fire crew tried to put out the fire but it kept re-igniting because its electric fuel pump was still running . Not a pleasant prospect.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I'm using an early 911 column. Pretty short, but that is only the immediate shaft for the steering wheel, with bearings, and mounting bosses. Secondary shafts with U-joints still needed to reach the rack (early 911 as well).