Storm Laura

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
We are hearing of a huge storm making ground in Texas.

Wishing all our members the best with yet another challenging problem in 2020

I went through Katrina 15 yrs ago.We were in Lakeshore Mississippi.The storm surge was 28 ft.REALLY.We evacuated on our shrimp trawler All we had left was what we had on the boat. When we got to take a look a couple of days later the storm damage was staggering.The WHOLE town and surrounding areas were just gone.Just piles of debris.We lived on the boat for a few months.At least is was big(65ft) and had A/c. The community never recovered. A village of 600 plus homes just disappeared.
I know right now that those folks in southwest La are going to be devastated for a long time to come. The red cross salvation army and other NGOs stepped up then and Im sure they will now also.They were there providing meals clothing and other needed items People also came from all over the US and Canada to help. When I got to the end of my road two days after the storm there were RCMP troopers there .How they got there from Canada that fast I will never know. Its not going to be easy on those caught in the crosshairs of Laura.I still have trouble coming to grips with what happened in Katrina 15 years later .
If anyone wants to help you can text redcross to 90999 and $10 will be charged to your phone bill. I do it on a regular basis to help whatever devastating hurricane fire whatever is happening at that time