Street Ford Issue 4

In the Australian version of Street Ford magazine, way back in issue 4 they had a feature on a Roaring Forties car that could do a claimed 0-100 in about 3.6 seconds. I have attached a picture of the car. It has an interesting rear window design. Anyway, I was hoping someone would be able to fax, or email me a scanned copy of the article because it isn't available on back order.




Bill Hara

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I had this copy of the magazine however I unfortunately lent it to someone and never saw it again......:mad:

I believe it was RF chassis #2 and had a V8 supercar engine from the Glenn Seton racing team. It had a gold 8 stack Morrisson canted EFI inlet manifold with a ZF gearbox, so it was substantially different to a factory car. I've seen(and heard) the car twice, sounds awesome but the car was being raced and had some cosmetic chips and scuffs. In the article, the owner also claimed to have an original JWA Gurney Weslake engine that he purchased for next to nothing a few years back at an auction in the US and claimed it was worth later valued in excess of $100k AUD

Was up for sale in Unique Cars some time ago (12 months??) don't know where it is now...

Hope this helps..


Ross Nicol

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That car belongs to Geoff Thomas, he shifted from melbourne to Queensland about a year ago and I don't hear from him much.Geoff was one of the first to build an RF car and his knowledge allowed me to avoid mistakes during my build.He made chassis changes that didn't endear him to R Logan ( funny that ) we're 2 of a kind. He has the car with him in QLD. A well known Aussie single seater racer Alf Costanzo drove it at Winton Raceway and told Geoff it was too fast for his ability. Geoff started the build while living in Queensland before shifting to Melbourne and at one stage got R.L. to venture up to help at Geoff's cost for accommodation etc. Turned out R.L. did nothing and went home after a nice holiday in the sun.I drove it at Phillip Island when it had the Gurney Weslake motor in it and I would trade the webers for my Motec injection any day, sorry for all you carby guys but anything that dithers around bogging down out of corners will never beat a modern Porsche.Damn thing frightened the hell out of me too when a fire started in the engine bay.
That 0-100km time may be speculation but with a V8 supercar motor, it is up there in the 600hp region.Geoff also worked for Steve Morrison while in Melbourne hence the Morrison motorsport signage and he was selling the cross ram manifolds Steve does such a wonderful job creating. I've been waiting for one for 2 years now so I've given up and had my DC&O manifold improved by Scott Owen a very gifted FORD engine guru around these parts.



Ross is spot on. Geoff is back up north and often has his 40 at local auto events. I was grateful for an invitation from Geoff some months ago to take a ride in what is truly a weapon. If it does not make 100 in 3.6s it sure does feel like it. Bill is right about the sound and when you are sitting in the cockpit you know that you are alive.:eek:
The GW engine is proudly on display for all to drool over at one of the local auto business with the pack of Rottweilers on guard just in case someone gets past the laser detectors and cyanide gas.
If I see Geoff in the near future I will ask if he still has a copy of this article. If it was my car there certianly would not be any copies left because I would have them all.;)