Hi Blas,

Here are the details on the rear clam gas shocks that are fitted to my SPF MK1 when it was delivered to me:

Gabriel Gaslift
Maximum Pressure 10 Mpa
4046-051115 350 NM
*Warning* High Gas Pressure

I am not sure if these were supplied by Superformance from the factory or supplied by the the company who fitted the engine and transmission etc.

They were originally white in colour.
I don't have any gas shocks fitted to the front clam.

I hope this helps and thank you for going to the effort of putting this manual together, it's something that is definitely required.

The factory does not fit ant gas lifts. The most common setup is from Olthoff Racing.
Hi Blas,

Regarding lighting upgrade, just last week I upgraded from the SPF supplied bulbs to LED. I am told the bulbs are out of a Yamaha motorcycle. It took them about 10 to 15 minutes to do, and they appear at least 50 percent brighter. They are the R2 model

Rob Klein

These are the LED bulbs I used in my last car

Interesting. I did some experimenting with my Lucas Flamethrower Driving lights a while back. Found that swapping out the original incandescent bulb with a different style bulb lost the pencil beam focused light beam and made it operate more like a flood lamp. Very difficult on oncoming cars. I think the original bulb had a 360 pin point of light a calculated distance from the focal point of the silvered reflector. The new bulbs I tried did not have a 360 degree light pinpoint, and the light source was not the same distance from the reflector… hence the “BRIGHT” floodlight. I shimmed the bulb to get the light source in the sweet spot of the reflector and rotated the bulb to get the best light pattern more like the original pencil beam. Have you tried looking at you headlights at night from a distance? Have one original bulb and one newer style bulb in place. Bright is great, glare blinding was not.
Just a suggestion….
Thanks. Blas
Should be added . Technical service bulletins if any ( Mk3 cobra does ) , maintenance by mileage checklist for chassis, steering, and suspension. Life expectancy of chassis wear items. This is a high maintenance car and people should be fully informed.
1st Draft SUPERFORMANCE GT40 Owners Manual is out for review and approval….. 338 pages.
Thanks to those who sent suggestions and whose photos and descriptions from here were used in manual.


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The Superformance GT40 Owners Manual is pretty much completed, Still waiting on review and approval from Superformance. Sill working on a few future technical addendums as info becomes available. Still accepting suggestions for addendums.
Owners will be able to submit 25-30 photos to be included in their unique copy of the manual if desired. It will be delivered in electronic format and can be printed if desired. It can be searched electronically.
Offering discounted pricing if you order a wiring diagram at same time. If you have already purchased a diagram, a discounted manual price will be available. Plastic laminated diagrams are now also available as I found a reasonably priced source. Contact me for more info.
Thanks for the kind words Rick….. I think.?
Need to lookup genial….
Manuals out for review an approval by Superformance. Hoping to get it wrapped up in next few.weeks.
No pricing set at this time.
You can send me an email with your contact info to be put on the list.
Found a write-up called.
“Superformance GT-40 Drive Train Removal & Replacement” who wrote this? I’d like to include it in some form in the manual.

GT40 Owners Manual Package

Please send me an email to receive the brochure. [email protected]

With assistance from the factory, dealers, and owners I'm pleased to inform you that the SUPERFORMANCE GT40 Owners manual
package is now available.

FYI: The prototype manual is 379 pages long, which includes 50 pages of the shipping photos from the factory.

No dealer photos or owner photos were added to the prototype manual.

Note: The number of usable shipping photos from the factory varies from car to car.

The factory shipping photos for previously delivered cars may no longer be available.

If dealer photos are available, they will be added to each cars manual on a case-by-case basis.

Owners can submit photos to be included in their custom tailored Owners Manual.

Please contact me with any questions: [email protected]


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