Superlite LMP2

I have two Superlite LMP2's for sale. The LMP2 is the full body version of the Superlite Nemesis. The kit is designed for a 4 cylinder VW engine. These are awesome track cars but not street legal.

One kit is brand new and was $29,995 when I bought it from Superlite. I am willing to sell for $20000. (white and black)

The second LMP2 was built by Superlite as a diesel powered endurance racer. It ran a 4 cylinder VW diesel engine. The engine is currently out of the LMP2 but it is available. $25,000 for this one. (white and green)

I need to move these cars since they are just sitting so I am willing to take trades or make an offer.

[email protected]


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